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'Bully Feminism': To Empower Womyn - Criminalize Men and Boys

by Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.

Is it safe to crawl out from beneath the bed? Is Women's History Month over yet?

The miasma (Webster: "a pervasive influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt.") that has become known as "Feminism" has just exhaled another month's worth of self-celebration, along with solemn re-invocations of the special victim status of womyn.

As the gender war enters its 5th decade at the beginning of the 21st century, feminism has now have evolved a set of group distinctions. There are the good: "equity feminists"; the bad: "gender feminists" or "militant feminists"; and the ugly "sex-feminists". I realize that you all probably know the distinguishing characteristics, but for those survivors back from a deserted island, a review follows.

The equity feminists are good because they allegedly do not preach hatred of men, but rather they simply want an equal shake for womyn in all things. These are also the "glass ceiling" feminists who want workplace equity that assures them a shot at being top dog of any given enterprise. The victim mantra of the equity cohort centers on its perception of ubiquitous, unidirectional (male->female) sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as elsewhere. Sexual harassment can mean that men are bad (hitting on female subordinates for sexual favors, or being generally demeaning to womyn) or just ignorant (telling blond jokes or having a picture of their bikini-clad mate in prominent view).

In an interview with the netzine, Christina Hoff Sommers (a known supporter of men, boys and masculinity) reported on the work of one of the celebrity feminists, Dr. Carol Gilligan:
"Ms. Gilligan, a developmental psychologist, established her reputation in the 1980s by claiming that women and men reason differently about morality. They speak 'in a different voice,' as she put it. Men are more abstract, women more caring and flexible. ... In the 1990s, Ms. Gilligan announced a second momentous discovery: Children, under "patriarchy," suffer a demoralizing loss of self-esteem. Girls who are outspoken and spirited at age nine become silent and withdrawn as they enter adolescence. Ms. Gilligan ascribed the plight of girls to a kind of "psychological footbinding. ... Boys suffer as much or worse, but at an even earlier age. According to Ms. Gilligan, somewhere between ages three and seven, boys are "pushed from their mothers" and forced to "internalize the patriarchal voice." This traumatic socialization supposedly shuts boys down emotionally and renders them vulnerable to a variety of mental illnesses." ..."She claims that girls suffer a precipitous loss of self-esteem in adolescence, but no one has been able to corroborate this. She's very good at using anecdotes, but that's the problem -- one of the greatest indicators of pseudoscience is a reliance on anecdotes rather than data. When researchers like Susan Harter at the University of Denver tried to test Gilligan's hypotheses, she was unable to find this dramatic loss of voice and self-confidence and self-esteem in girls."
Reporting on President Bush's recent closure of the Whitehouse "Women's Office", the Washington Post relayed:
"If he doesn´t want there to be polarization, wants to get out of gridlock and head-knocking, this is a strange way to go about it," huffed Patricia Ireland, president of the National Organization for Women.
Gender- or militant- feminists are ostensibly held in contempt by the good equity feminist because they find men to be generally contemptuous, and ruled by their gender-gland to maintain the evil patriarchy. The militant gender crowd finds offense whether it be male behavior or logical thinking on display. And they are equally venomous in their condemnation of anyone (including women) who defends males and masculinity.

Columnist and attorney Debbie Schlussel reported at about a recent screech directed at her and Dr Laura Schlessinger (both advocates of traditional marriage and fatherhood):
"Ms. Shlussel (sic) is confusing what was an attack on her opinions with an attack on her religious faith," said Ms. Assistant Editor Jennifer Block. "We did not attack the Jewish faith -- we pointed out that Shlussel (sic), as well as Shlessinger (sic), espouse many racist, sexist, homophobic views that they attribute to their religion."
Professor Sommers also weighed in on this topic in her Salon interview:
"What are the issues that you believe college-age boys face? " "An epidemic of male-bashing, coming from humanities classes and women's studies departments and women's centers. On every college campus, there is always a small group of angry women who have taken one too many women's studies courses and are willing to believe the worst about boys and men. ... Many young men will sooner or later encounter young women who view them as proto-harassers or rapists or batterers. And it's ridiculous to have young men face that in college. There are already too few young men in college, compared to young women, and the ones who are there face this censorious attitude from young women."
N.O.W. News warned its acolytes about President Bush's Faith Based Initiative in a March press release:
"Male dominance, when reinforced by religion, is often a factor in spousal abuse. Counselors who deal with batterers say that the men often take church doctrine that wives should obey their husbands to mean that they have divine sanction to use force to control women. Religious groups don't condone battering, but as one man who counsels abusive men puts it, many violent men adhere to the myth of entitlement, which teaches that men are the heads of the household and that women must be subservient."
Ah, (male on female) Domestic Violence, the premiere mantra of the Militant Feminist. This intimidating myth persists despite literally hundreds of scholarly, empirical investigations which repeatedly and overwhelmingly demonstrate that here, true equity does exist in the initiation of intimate violence.

The sexual feminist's special fervor is expressed through their gender gland (example: The Vagina Monologues).

CUNTFEST trumpeted the beauty of the female orifice at a Penn State gala last November. One of the celebrants gushed: "It would be a beautiful day for a woman to be able to say, 'Thank you. Thank you for calling me a cunt.'"
   Here we see the possibility of a clash between the sexual feminist and the equity feminist ... and a jail term for the unfortunate male co-worker who just wanted to bring joy.

But the creative juices of the sexual feminist are ever-flowing (can I say that?). As exhibited most recently in a "Bush Bash",, again the reporter:
"Jackie Sumell's art project, she says, is less about art than about social intervention. An MFA student at the San Francisco Art Institute, Sumell has put out the call to female friends and acquaintances: Shave your pubic hair, put it in a little plastic bag and send it to her in the mail (anonymously, please).
Her rallying cry? 'No Bush! -- It's not yours, it's mine.'" ... "She plans to hang the bags of bush on a clothesline at the National Organization for Women's April 22 march in Washington. And if all goes well, there will be 538 of them -- the number of certified votes by which Bush won in Florida, plus one. Sumell is using this number to symbolize the way the election has, she says, set back women's rights."
Equity-, Gender-, Sex-Feminism; in truth, these are differences without distinction. The very existence of these withered branches is based in and maintained by the dark propaganda which is now the fundamental dogma of what was once the women's movement. The content and demeanor of this dogma and its presentations are best characterized as 'Bully Feminism'.

Sadism is the true center of the Bully mentality; and for the Bully feminist, "their premier pleasure is creating or watching psychologically (and legally) crippled men" (thanks to my e-mail source for this modified quote).

Despite the legions of men who have been cowed, financially destroyed and publicly shamed by the Bully Feminist dogma that has insinuated itself at every level of cultural awareness, there are none more aggrieved than the Divorced Dad.

In the words of Letty Cottin Pogrebin, 1990 (co-founder, MS Mag.):
"... dads are pathological bullies who abuse their children"
The old taunt, stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me was obviously coined by someone who had never met a feminist bully. Has there ever been a more fierce and sustained verbal attack in the hallowed history (nee herstory) of Bullyism? "Your mother wears combat boots" cannot begin to compete with the nuclear power of "My boss is a sexist", "My campus date was a rapist", "Your father is a batterer", "Your father is a pedophile", and "Your father is a Deadbeat". And the feminist bully has the anecdotes to prove these allegations - "pssst, someone told me that someone told them ...". As Professor Sommers has said: "but that's the problem -- one of the greatest indicators of pseudoscience is a reliance on anecdotes rather than data." And that is the power that is Bully Feminism. Repeat a lie loudly and frequently, and it becomes accepted dogma.

If you doubt for a moment, the power of the Bully Feminist voice, look at the bruising criminalization it has slugged Men and Dads with:

Domestic Violence
  • legal representation and support available free to all women, not men.
  • recantation is not allowed in most jurisdictions
  • the physically "bigger" individual will be taken to jail
  • can be alleged and prosecuted via anonymous source
  • restraining orders are virtually automatic
  • loss of parental rights for the accused (read Dad)
  • loss of 2nd amendment rights (gun ownership)
  • risk of criminal charges and imprisonment
  • elevation from misdemeanor to felony consequences
  • does not provide punitive awards for false allegations

      "few divorces involve grounds such as desertion, adultery or violence. The most frequent reasons given are "growing apart" or "not feeling loved or appreciated." (Surveys consistently show that fathers are much more likely than mothers to believe parents should remain married.)(Dr. Sanford Braver) "
      • legal representation and support available free to many women, or must be paid by the husband/spouse. Not available to men
      • 75% of all divorces are initiated by wives
      • nearly all divorces are initiated by wives when children are involved
      • false allegations of child or spouse abuse have become more frequent with presumed guilt issuing to the husband
      • loss of parental rights for the dad is an 87% probability
      • family courts can and do negate shared parenting arrangements agreed to by divorcing spouses, awarding physical custody to the mom
      • alimony: can be a lifetime award to the wife after five years of marriage
      • can mean a lifetime of court appearances and attorneys' fees
      • child support awards are arbitrary and capricious, but at minimum extract 35% of the dad's net income - and are constantly reviewed for income increases
      • loss of home and family is virtually assured for dads

      Child Support
      "child support is the financial fuel of the divorce industry. It has very little to do with the needs of children and everything to do with the power and profit of large numbers of adults."
      • legal representation and support available free to all women, not men
      • no appeal from rigid, unrealistic guidelines
      • no appeal from unemployment, poverty or imprisonment
      • risk of felony criminal charges, even when ignorant of the claim (such as one night stands)
      • risk of being placed on a "wanted" poster, even when ignorant of the claim (such as one night stands)
      • loss of privacy through mandated federal reporting of employment, earnings, place of residence and banking
      • loss of driver's license
      • loss of professional licensure
      • loss of parental rights (bench warrants - move-away moms)
      • does not provide punitive awards for failure to grant visitation
      • When moms are the non-custodial defendant, the awards are smaller, they are more often delinquent, and most often go unprosecuted.
      • does not require accountability from the awardee (mom)
      "Rather than pursuing ever greater numbers of fathers with ever more Draconian punishments, the Justice Department should be investigating the kind of crimes it was created to pursue -- such as kidnapping, extortion and racketeering -- in the nation's family courts. (Dr. Stephen Baskerville)"

      Child Abuse (A weapon used by wives in contested custody cases)
      • legal representation and support available free to all women, not men.
      • false allegations presume guilt
      • recantation is not allowed in most jurisdictions
      • loss of reputation
      • can be alleged and prosecuted via anonymous source
      • assignment to the state/national child abuse register on the basis of suspicion
      • risk of criminal/felony charges
      • loss of parental rights (usually at least one year during investigation)
      • does not provide punitive awards for false allegations
      Sexual Harrassment
      • legal representation and support available free to all women, not men.
      • presumption of guilt
      • recantation is regarded as suspect in most jurisdictions
      • judged by the "unreasonable" woman standard
      • loss of reputation
      • loss of job, profession
      • exhorbitant financial awards
      • does not provide punitive awards for false allegations
      • legal representation and support available free to all women, not men.
      • presumption of guilt
      • judged by the "unreasonable" woman standard (she can change her mind on the morning after what was a consensual act the night before)
      • recantation of allegation is rarely allowed
      • loss of reputation
      • loss of livelihood
      • criminal prosecution and mandatory sentencing (as much as 25 years)
      • does not provide punitive awards for false allegations
      Equal Opportunity Employment
      • legal representation and support available free to all women
      • discrimination against white, heterosexual men is encouraged
      • white middle-aged men are targeted for downsizing without recourse
      And the beating continues...

      Like the pathetic bully who chased me home most schools days throughout third grade, the Bully Feminists believe they can only sustain their power by continuing to diminish men/boys. But unlike that third grade bully, these supposed adults have the backing of the entire criminal justice system and its lawmakers - not to mention the victim pimps in the mental health and social services.

      When once writing about the myth of the "deadbeat dad", columnist Kathleen Parker mused:
      "For a variety of reasons, fathers increasingly feel disenfranchised from their children. It is nearly axiomatic that with disenfranchisement comes dereliction of duty. The solution to deadbeat dads isn't criminalizing fathers, but allowing them to be part of their children's lives. ... The wonder isn't that we have deadbeat dads, but that we don't have more."
      The frightening reality is that as the beating has continued, men have become more cowed, and more taciturn. To paraphrase Parker, the wonder isn't that domestic violence exists, but that it hasn't escalated.

      At some point, one has to stand up to a bully. The disagreeable option is to surrender one's masculinity and join the bully's gang (- start shaving your pubic hair).

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