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Fifty Years of Progressive Child Rearing:

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Possibly the Most Dangerous Book in America.

Dr. Benjamin Spock - "The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care"

For years, the nouveau/pop psychologists (for-the-children/disciples of that spare-the-rod messiah, Dr. Benjamin Spock) have told us that the answer to "the epidemic rise of depression, suicide, violence, and drug and alcohol use among America's teens has been poor self-esteem." And so the Self-Esteem Movement was born. Surprisingly, "rates of teen depression, drug and alcohol use (a form of withdrawal), and violence began picking up steam.

Dr. Spock's program of child-demand nursing schedules, delayed and patient toilet training, and freedom from punishment, placed the parent in the indulgent role of benefactor, while precluding the role of disciplinarian. No more were children to hear, "wait till your father gets home." In the intervening years, however, responsible behavioral scientists have found that an indulged child, a child without clear limits and immediate, appropriate, and sometimes corporal punishment, is much more likely to become an anxious, dependent, and/or neurotic adult - if not a sociopath; one who is completely lacking in internally-based self-control.

Dads Against the Divorce Industry Dads Against the Divorce Industry