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"Men Have Been Irresponsible
and Women Have Been Heroic"

by Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.

"An evil deed is like a boil: it itches and irritates and breaks open - it speaks honestly. "Behold, I am disease" - thus speaks the evil deed; that is its honesty. But a petty thought is like a fungus: it creeps and stoops and does not want to be anywhere - until the whole body is rotten and withered with little fungi." - Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Nietzsche)
"In his opening remarks, the senator said that men have been irresponsible and women have been heroic." - Thus Spoke senator Evan Bayh (at a forum titled "Connecting Fathers and Families" UPI)
Senator Evan Bayh is the new leader of the "Democratic Leadership Conference". With his bi-partisan partner, Republican senator Pete Domenici, they have proposed "to spend $380 million over five years to promote "responsible fatherhood" and marriage for men through counselling and parenting programs."

According to a report in the Sydney Morning News, Bayh further commented, "We must try to counsel men to wait until they are ready to assume the awesome responsibility of bringing a child into the world."

Dr. Stephen Baskerville attended the conference announcing this initiative, and in his report noted "One thing was very troubling (and I've seen this before at 'responsible fatherhood' conferences). No questions were taken from the audience, and the advertised question-and-answer session was cancelled ..."

So here we have a conference which chronicles its goal as "Connecting Fathers and Families." But from all reports, the lead speaker seemed to want to establish the premise that the crisis of fatherlessness in America is "irresponsible fathers."

But what is it, Boil or Fungus?

Let's look at some facts:

  • Does anyone remember the headline that said "Dan Quayle was Right"? You might recall that it was the much maligned former vice-president who was among the first to propose that it was the Murphy Browns - having babies from sperm donors, not dads - that were sponsoring the explosion in illegitimate births.
  • Newsmax reported on this same conference, and noted the report that "The key variable affecting whether a father is involved in his child's life a year after the baby's birth is whether the mother wanted to marry the father at the time of birth." It was also reported that in the black community, where the illegitimate birth rate is 70%, "black mothers are still 15 percent less willing than women in other populations to marry the father of their child."
  • In today's Divorce Industry, it is wives who are initiating 75 - 80% of divorces making them single mothers. Are these Bayh's heroines? Are the divorced dads his "irresponsibles". As another conference member, - Rep. Julia Carson, D-Ind - pointed out, "Many 'deadbeat' fathers are actually 'dead broke'... (and) Some mothers accept child support but refuse to grant fathers access to their children, she said, and some women drive a wedge between children and their fathers."
  • One of the most vicious and widely used weapons to prevent fathers from gaining joint or sole custody in divorce actions is the mother's use of false allegations of abuse by the father - insuring that he will at best become a mere visitor. Is this the Boil of irresponsible fathers, or the Fungus of falsification.
Had I been an audience member, my untaken question would have been, "How do you attract fathers to be connected with their families, when they first have to admit to being a Boil on the mother's, uh, responsibility"?

Nietszche was wrong about God being dead, but he should well know the nature of fungus. And in this case, the Fungi attacking the body of family and fatherhood are those who declare one half of the parenting equation irresponsible. Last time I checked, it takes two to make a baby.

The real disease is that of holding onto power by aligning oneself with those that prefer to be afflicted, rather than wed, Senator Boil.

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