Why Do People Divorce?

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Divorce is a big issue in our society today. There are many different reasons why people choose to get divorces. Statistics show that 4 out of ten marriages end in divorce. A lot of the time people just don’t take the time to try and work it out. Others are just tired and want things to end peacefully. Sometimes spouses get cheated on or are just not very good people. But one thing is clear: divorce does a lot of damage to both sides.

When you come home and cook dinner for you and your spouse and they don’t show up on time. You wonder where they could be and what they’re doing. The same thing happens many times again.  Finally your spouse comes home with another’s sent on them and they are acting strange when you ask what is happening. The truth comes out and you find that your spouse has another lover. Divorce is seen by many the best way to solve this problem. It is sad but true. It is very painful for one to find out there are no longer the one and only.  Sometimes people become bored and they feel they’ve lost that excitement that was there when the two of them first met.

Sometimes people are just not meant to be together. They’ve found that they are two different people and want to move on. They no longer share the same interests or ever agree on anything. They just slowly drift apart. The end result once again is divorce.

Abusive relationships are a big problem. They are very violent and draining. People can really get hurt badly if they do not get out of these types of relationships. No one ever deserves to get beaten. If the person being abused decides they want out. They can. But it is not that easy. People who have been abused often feel like they deserve it and think that it is their fault they get abused. But it is not and it should end in divorce.

Children are another matter. Divorce affects them greatly. Children do not understand divorce or why it is happening to them. They have to go through a custody battle between their parents. Divorce is hard for kids to understand and it is important they have both parents there for them during the divorce.

There are a lot of reasons why people want to get divorces but one thing is clear. You must have a healthy relationship that has good communication. You must trust one another and be committed. Most of all you should love and respect your spouse or there can be a divorce.

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