Why Do Married People Have Affairs?

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Married couples have affairs for many reasons. In the past it was mostly men that had affair outside of marriage, but today it is very common for women to be caught having just as many affairs as men. There is never a single good reason for one having an affair. Affairs are a brutal thing to go through and they are not fair. People get hurt very deeply and the ones having the affair pay a big price. Reasons for affairs are sometimes complicated and some easy. Many times it is hard to get to the bottom of why an affair happened, but with the help of a marriage counselor, the reasons may come out in the open where they can be dealt with. 

There are different types of affairs listed below are a few of them:

The need for excitement and adventure.  The reason this affair happens is because someone is trying to put excitement and adventure into their life, Affairs are filled with fun and the danger of getting caught. Secret meetings are very fun for some people as well.
Understanding and companionship.  Men and women have different ways of communicating and that could sometimes lead them to think they are misunderstood or ignored. When they do find someone that listens and thinks the way they do, they are drawn to them. Many individuals need to feel understood and want that understanding from their spouse. If a spouse hasn’t received that from their spouse, they will try to find someone who can.

As years go by and people change. They are relaxed in their relationship and don’t feel the need to bring flowers or gifts, or say “I love you”. This can bring on wandering eyes to others like seem to be more romantic and you may begin to think more about them and wish you could spend more time with them. But, this is a very big mistake; this could be the beginning of an affair.

People need to take care of their relationships and communicate what they are missing in their love life. It is not abnormal to miss something and want something from your spouse. But you have to realize that things do change and people too. This is why communicating is so important in your relationship. It is not easy to communicate but there are a lot of ways to make it happen before it results in an affair. It is very difficult for a relationship to recover after one spouse has had an affair.

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