When the Father Refuses Paternity Testing

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

A father’s presence is vital to a child’s upbringing. A paternity test (prueba de paternidad) is necessary to show the father his biological responsibility. This should help lead to an established relationship with the child with the hopes that the relationship will last a lifetime. The father in question should be given a chance to acknowledge paternity. Once the test is complete the answer will speak for itself. This will give sufficient information for a complete medical history of the child, as well as benefits and money for the future.

There may come a time in your search for paternity when you are met with a refusal from the father to even take the test. The mother does have options when this occurs. The case can be taken to court where a judge can order a paternity test. This order is to be taken seriously and must be carried out. In some cases, if the alleged father fails to appear in court, he becomes the father by default. A paternity test may not be needed. The father would then be responsible for support of his dependant. The father does have equal rights in court. He is responsible to present his side of the case. This includes why he feels that he is not the father. The mother must show significant proof as to why she feels he is the father. Sworn statements and testimony are a part of this process. The topics can range from subject to subject, but be advised that a relationship between you and him must be proven. The relationship would have had to have been sexual seeing as how paternity of a child is involved.

When the alleged father questions or denies paternity, a genetic test will be ordered. A blood test is usually how this is done. The party may have his reasons for denying paternity. A valid reason could be that he was told he wasn’t the father. When a mother does not no who fathered her child this can raise concern for the alleged father if he believes two or more men may be involved he should alert the judge. The courts can take proper actions for this to be handled. Children are brought into this world by two people. Both then become responsible for that child. Every aspect of life for the child becomes what a parent makes of it. One parent can deny their involvement, but no one can fool a DNA test. These tests are effective and highly accurate. The child is most important and a judge will clearly see that. Whoever is responsible will pay.

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