What is a Child Custody Evaluation?

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

A child custody evaluation is where a person from the court or from child services will go into both homes of the parents. During this time they will watch the parents interact with the children and how the home atmosphere is. From their evaluation, the custodial parent will be determined by what is best for the child.

You will talk to a lot of people about your life and personal things. They will asses your finances. They will look at your legal past and even talk to your families. All of this is to determine which home is best for the child.

In court, in will not matter what you think is be best for the child. The courts will decide which will be best for the child. The court will decide if you can meet your child’s needs.
They will talk to you children and find out what you’re children think of their situation, if they are old enough. Let your children say what they want and to not interfere with what they say. It is best to be honest. The courts will asses both parent’s strong points and their weakest.

The person doing to interviews will remain neutral. You cannot convince them of anything and they will note your behavior. The person doing the interviews will have at least a master’s degree in family studies and or psychology. This is because they have to do a mental evaluation on everyone who is involved with the child.

If during the evaluation you slam your ex-spouse or try to downgrade him just to get custody of your children, then you are not thinking of your children. You are trying to hurt your ex-spouse and you are being very selfish.

Remember, this evaluation is set up to provide to the court the information they find on if you can provide what the children need. You will have to have room in your home for the children; you should interact with your children well, and also show that you provide a warm and loving home for your children. This is not always an easy decision especially when both parents would make a perfect home for the children.

If you are not satisfied with the end results of your evaluation ask for another. They can last 6 months to a year. This is to get the best picture of you and your behavior.

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