What Happens After I Retain An Attorney?

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

If you have never require the services of an  attorney and now you find your self facing an divorce it can be just a bit over whelming. Dealing with just the fact your marriage is ending is hard enough and now you have to find an attorney for the proceedings. Like everyone who needs an attorney of course you want to get the best to look out for your interest and see that you are treated fair in your divorce.  So you are probably wondering what happens after I retain an Attorney? Consulting an attorney to handle your divorce is the first step which can save you from making unnecessary and often times costly mistakes.

After you have visited about the details of you situation and you decide to hire them as your attorney you give them a retainer and that’s when they will go to work on your case.
You can expect to spend several hours in consultation with your attorney giving him information about you marriage, assets you and your spouses jobs and incomes, plus any other things of value that you may share possession of. It’s very important to answer all questions that your attorney asks, and rest assured they are going to get personal. You can expect they will ask you about any dirty little secrets you may have in the closet like, Have you ever had an affair during your marriage, or do you have any drug and alcohol problems.

Don’t be afraid to tell it all no matter how embarrassed or low you may feel because if you don’t they can’t prepare the best strategy for your divorce case. Even worse you can bet it will come out in court at the hearing because you’re soon to be x will be using it as ammo against you and could cause you to get a really raw deal because your attorney did not have a chance to get prepared for this. Remember your attorney is there to help you and rest assured they have heard more stories than bar tenders. Now the attorney will also probably give you a list of documents that they will need like; evidence of your spouse’s earnings, wills and living trusts, financial statements, automobile titles, bank statements, tax returns, mortgage documents, and probably even more.

There will be other information he may send you to get, if you get prepared and have most of the documents ready when you hire your lawyer you can save money as they charge by the hour. Choosing a lawyer to represent your divorce case can make or break the out come for how you live for a long time to come.

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