Visitation Schedules

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Visitation schedules are made after the final ruling in a custody trial.  The schedules should revolve around everyone’s needs. Mothers and fathers each have different needs along with the children.  Psychologists recommend the following based off children’s age, infants only need 2-3 hours to build a bond with the other parent every 3 days.  Overnights are too traumatic for infants.  Children who are only one should go once a week.  18 month olds only need one day plus one night, 3 to 3 years only need two days plus one night. Elementary aged children should go every weekend and teenagers should go every other weekend. Teenagers also have schedules so you’ll have to communicate with them. Parents need to arrange things so they stay consistent and fair. Everyone should share the holidays

Children need consistent life styles so that they don’t become overwhelmed or confused. Now that the family is broken down, things will become harder for them. By keeping up with the visitations you will limit the stress in their lives and in yours.  Children should be allowed to see each parent when they want to if at all possible.  When they become old enough to ask they will. Never try to get in the way of you ex’s and children’s visits with each other. It may lead to more court and you’ll lose more money over it. Children do not need to hear their parents bickering over when they want to see the kids.

Grandparents will want to see the children too! Make sure that each grandparent gets to see the kids when they want to. Call them and write letters to them about the kids. This way you can remind them that the children do want to see them and they can come get them anytime.

Your children have a lot of stress as it is and they do not need to hear mom and dad fighting over who gets to see who when.  It is important that you have good communication with your former spouse.  If you do not have that, all else will fail.  Your children love the both of you and the both of you love them. Make sure you stick with what you say you’re going to do with the kids and if something comes up. Let them know! You children need the both of you in their lives and it will be hard for them to do this. So make it easer for them even though it will be hard for you.

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