Under What Circumstances Can I Fire My Attorney?

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Many people that are in court room cases for divorce and other proceedings that are not happy with their council for one reason or another are always wondering, under what circumstances I can fire my Attorney? All Attorneys make mistakes although most are minor, from time to time they can make huge ones that can cost you paying more child support in the long run than it should have been. Or even by not filing the right types of orders and court documents on time can be damaging to your divorce hearings. So ask your self the question, why do you want to fire your Attorney? Consider before you take this type of action that it will be a major set back and not only will you lose the money you have spent but also where you may be in your case today. Getting a new Attorney will be like starting over not to mention you will be paying out more money all over again.

If you feel justified and the situation calls for this type of action in most any circumstance you can fire your Attorney any time you please, after all they work for you. Firing an attorney is however you should try to work out problems with your Attorney and firing them should be a last step. You should always let your attorney know of your unhappy or dissatisfied and see if a solution can be reached before firing the attorney or making any formal complaints and dismissals. It’s very important to understand that once your case has come to the stage where your attorney has appeared in court on your behalf, a judge will often have to approve a decision to take an attorney off a case but usually will always allow such an action.

It’s really extreme but if you feel an attorney has not conducted him self properly or ethically with your case, not only can you fire them you can also to file a complaint against that attorney with the state bar association. When you decide to fire your attorney, you really want to do it by way of writing a letter with the reasons for this action.  Make your letter professional and don’t use it to threaten your lawyer with legal action or a reporting to the bar association just keep it on a business level and keep you personal feelings out.

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