Unbundling of Divorce Legal Services

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Unbundling of Divorce legal services may be a new term to many but is beginning to be used by several couples and for good reason. Unbundling is a great way to save hundreds of dollars on unnecessary services that you do not need for your divorce. You will be able to find a coach that can help you with all the legal stuff you will need before going forward.

You will be doing most of the work yourself and only using an attorney when it is absolutely out of the question not to use one. You can also stay in control of your divorce and you make all the decisions what issues need to be negotiated. You are your spouse together can make most of the decisions without paying an attorney to do the work. You may also see that your spouse is spending money on an attorney and this may frighten you a bit. But, it should not when you have questions, you can seek legal advice and pay for what you need only. Your spouse will see that every time he wants to negotiate you come by yourself and your spouse shows up with their attorney. They are the one paying for the attorney’s time, this may make them wish to resolve any issues faster and get it over with when they realize just how much they are spending on attorney fees.

If you do decide to go with unbundling of divorce legal service you will be the one responsible for any filings, gathering information, and showing up in court. You will need to study and get your facts together for court including child custody laws and child support laws if you have children. You will need to come up with a reasonable visitation schedule and child support calculations to show to the court. You can talk with your coach and get all the legal advice you need, but you must be the one to implement them in the courtroom.

If you come into court unrepresented, the judge does not look favorably at you from the beginning, but if you show that, you are prepared and have everything together his respect for you will rise. The worst way to get the judge to look at you unfavorable is to be unprepared with questions and resolutions that need to be discussed.

Talk with your coach and be prepared is the best advice. Ask questions regarding issues you should be careful about in court, find out what you can about your spouses attorney, should you file for divorce first, how often should you talk with your coach, how much will it hurt me in court if I represent myself, find out about the judge, what dates should I watch for, and will I have to go to court.

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