Tips for Testifying In Court

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

If all else fails and you and your soon to be ex-spouse can not agree on anything to do with your divorce you will have to go to court. This will begin by you receiving a telephone call from your attorney explaining when the court date is and at what time. Now, you must appear in court and testify about all the facts that led up to your divorce, any and all skeletons in your closet, and a bunch of other questions that your spouse’s attorney will ask. And they will ask plenty to try and show that you are not worthy of spousal support, the division of property the way in which you desire and even that you are not fit to have the children.

The most important thing to remember when going to court is that you must agree to the statement “do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” and if you do not tell the truth you can find yourself in perjury, which can be a jail term. So, no matter what be honest with your attorney and the court.

The tips for testifying in court are pretty basic and use common sense.

Dress for the occasion, dress like you are going to church, a business meeting, or other functions that requires a certain professional look.

Listen to each question that is asked. If you do not understand, ask them to repeat the question.

Think before you answer.

Do not go on and on with your answer, be precise. If you can simple say, yes or no, do so. Do not elaborate.

Never show that you are upset or angry about any question, this will give your spouses attorney some good ammo to use against you.

Watch out for misleading questions or questions that are twofold. Be sure to think before answering these types of questions. They are being asked to trip you.

If the question being asked is giving wrongful information regarding the facts, be very careful how you answer.

Above all, remember most questions that your spouse’s attorney asks he will have some type of proof or speculations regarding the situation. If he ask you if you have had an affair and the answer is no, then you should have proof that your answer is correct. Your spouse may have proof that you did in fact have an affair sometime during your marriage, or he may be just going off the statements your spouse has said with no proof at all.

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