Tips for Surviving Your Divorce

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Your world has broken apart and you are now living in utter despair, you don’t even feel like you can face another day because you just went through a divorce. Now, you are faced with a whole new set of problems and emotions and you may feel like a fish out of water because your way of life just ended. Your probably dealing with  all kind of thoughts and feelings like, how will I go on, did I do the right thing ,I feel lonely, what about the children? The list goes on and on, so these tips for surviving your divorce should help you regain some control on your life and help smooth out the road again. 

You are now living in the aftermath and now its time to start the reconstruction of your life. As you are reading this you may be thinking, I can’t and even though you think no one else has had to deal with this catastrophic event, one day soon you will be thinking back and saying wow my life is better today than any other time I can think of.  Just like the millions of people who have survived a divorce before you. Now let’s get you started with some of the most common survival training tips. First you need to sweep any feelings of regret out of your way, be thinking back to the reason you got a divorce and simply affirm to your self this was the best action. Secondly, avoid secluding your self from family and friends and become a recluse, this is the worst thing you could possibly do when in fact, you need their support and company more that ever now.

If you have children you just might be feeling guilty and sad for them splitting them away from the other parent. Well the odds are you and you spouse’s  fussing and fighting all the time in front of the children even though you had not intended to, as the relationship was decaying away toward your divorce. It’s always better for a child to have both mom and dad living in harmony apart than seeing their parents fighting all the time. Now that the divorce has happened you need to accept to yourself that, no matter how you ended up with this divorce, stop blaming your self or your ex spouse and start you way to making yourself better than you use to be (Self Improvement).

Like most people who have just divorced, chances are you have lost some or even all of your income or other assets, hopefully you were able to hang on to your job through it all as some people lose it as well. Whatever your financial situation turned out to be you can’t dwell on what you lost or had its time to move on. You are not the first or the last this has happened too, so set new goals for finances, if you can’t afford where you live anymore then its time to move, and by all means if you’re not working its time to go back to work, your children are counting on you. Get your chin-up, set new goals, and be positive about your self and your plans, and you will be looking back very soon saying my life is better that ever.

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