The Importance of Temporary Custody

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Temporary Custody can happen for many reasons and situations and most often is part of many divorce and legal separation proceedings. So what is the Importance of Temporary Custody and what does it all mean you might be asking yourself? Its important to know that the states and government have and interest in assuring that the children are still going to be properly supported especially in situations where a couple want to separate and not file for a divorce right away. This temporary custody order handed down by a court will usually decide who will take care of the child during the separation and who will need to pay child support until they either get a divorce or rejoin back together.

Every situation is different however and here are some common reasons and circumstances for temporary custody to take place. If you have separated from your spouse you may not have lived in the state long enough to meet the resident requirements too legally file for a divorce which is usually 6 months to a year so they will enact a order of  Temporary Custody till you meet the time before a divorce filling.

Often time couples have gotten separated and are confused and can’t decide if divorce is what they both really want, so to protect your children’s rights regarding custody, visitation, and support an order will be issued. Many times a spouse will just walk out leaving you with all the bills and responsibilities and a temporary custody order can help make sure that the spouse has to help in taking care of the children and bills and full fill their obligations they are responsible for.

Temporary Custody can cure the problem you hear about all the time where a couple separates and the spouse who has the child or children with hold visitation out of spite or vindictive motives, and additionally can solve the issue where a spouse has promised to send you money to help support your child, but does not honor their words and those checks just never seem shows up or the amount is always less that it should be.

To often in separations you hear a spouse worry about letting the other spend time with the child for a fear that they might not bring them back or will leave state will them. If there is an order in place by a court for Temporary Custody this will help protect the child from this type of action and make a parent who selects this type of action suffer the legal punishment for this type of act. There are other reasons for Temporary Custody such as by agreements by the couple or handed down by courts for observations and determinations.

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