Texas Paternity

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Anytime paternity is in doubt someone is going to get hurt.  The mother of course but also the husband who may find out he isn’t the father of the child or the ex-spouse that denies the child, of course denying a child you know is yours is hurting more than yourself.  There are ways to determine the paternity though in Texas, the court system is setup reasonably to handle it.  First and foremost a lawyer should be sought for this sort of situation.  They will be able to go in detail for every single minute detail about the case you are presenting. 

A mother, father, or a person claiming to be the father of the child may bring a suit to court to file for paternity on a child.  During this suit the court will do the best it can to determine the paternity of a child.  Usually these suits are brought because 2 or more people could possibly be the father to a child and both deny it.  The court will try to bring the parties to an understanding, if no understanding can be met, the court will issue a blood test be given to find the paternity.  The parties involved will absorb the cost to their already high court bill. After the blood test the paternity will be revealed and then the father can setup visitation, custody, and child support.  The child’s last name will also change to that of the father’s.  Just remember that this process is costly not just to your pocketbook but it could become an emotional rollercoaster.  It’s best to do this when the child is young and won’t remember the heartache. 

During the court process you may become overwhelmed if you don’t have the services of a lawyer, so make sure that is always first on your list.  If the child is older you need to make sure to focus on them throughout this process, you probably can’t imagine what they must be going through.  This is another reason that even if you have problems with the father of your child sometimes its best just to leave the situation alone, if it’s manageable.  The child is going to be going through enough in their head without being in a courtroom while his mom and dad are fighting each other.  Keep all this in mind before you make any action, consult a lawyer first to check your options and always focus on your child first.

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