Signs that Your Spouse is Having an Affair

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

So your spouse just came home from work late, but this isn’t the first time, no it’s the fourth Thursday in a row!  This could be one of the many signs to look for if you think a spouse may be having an affair with someone.  Sometimes it’s just a little piece of evidence and sometimes it’s just pure intuition. Either way there are some big and little ways to find a clue your spouse is having an affair.
Your husband never used to shave, but ever since he has started to come home late he has been shaving daily, showering twice and day, and even changed his cologne to something you have never heard of.  Your spouse has taken a new interest in to appearance, but for no reason at all.  Most people will change their appearance for the significant other slightly or drastically if asked, but one rarely does with it without any reason. Especially without giving a reason for the sudden change, like something they saw or read.  Another appearance change might be the sudden non-wearing of wedding bands. For women, it may be a whole entire new look sexier than she normally wears for just going shopping or visiting a friend.

Your spouse comes home a late day and seems to be missing their wedding ring again.  With no logical explanation one could take this as a serious sign that the person in question is having an affair or on the verge of such an act.  After they get home the phone rings and they rush over to pick it up, in a nonchalant voice they say hi and after a brief conversation your spouse is out the door again and back at the office.  Their quick response and suspicious voice over the phone should clue you into a secret they are keeping. You may even notice the wedding ring missing and hear the response, “it accidentally fell in the disposal while I was doing the dishes and I sent it to the jewelers for repairs”. If this was not told when it first happened in a sad and worried manner, then the ring is probably put away in her jewelry box.

Even with the clues given the only way to tell if a person is having an affair is to get concrete evidence.  No one should jump to the conclusion their spouse is having an affair, for it might just be a surprise get away for the two of you to Hawaii.  A person should trust their intuition though and go with what it’s telling them and dig deeper into the situation.  At one point you fully trusted this person and loved them, so acting on instinct should be your first weapon.  You know their ins and outs, what makes them tick.  If something doesn’t feel right confront the issue and ask for answers to your doubts.

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