Recovering Your Self-Esteem

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Often times divorce has sent your self-esteem spiraling down to an all time low in your life. It probably did not just happen over night, most likely it started back when you were with you spouse he or she may have planted deep root feelings of low self-esteem with comments they may have spoken putting you down all the time .  Over a course of time our minds begin to question the things we are told and start to wonder if perhaps they are true. As you dwell on these types of comment in general if only on a subconscious level your mind will start to believe it and low self-esteem creeps in.

Or perhaps you feel guilty and blame your self for your divorce, I could not keep him or her happy, It’s my entire fault, now you are thinking I am a loser and worthless as well.
Facts reveal that the way you feel about yourself is a driving force in everyone’s lives when it comes to every thing we do. Recovering your self-esteem is not always an easy task, you will have to work at it, but let’s take a look at some of the ways you can start.

First you need to know is self-esteem is powerful and gives your vitality, magnetism, super energy , and can make you feel like a conquer.

Now you need to retrain your mind, (so to speak) from all the things your x spouse may have said that was negative to you for so long that help destroy your self-esteem in the first place. You can start today by picturing yourself as what you would like to become, see your self as out going, friendly, and successful. Tell yourself often I am pretty or I am handsome and things like I am successful just like you want to be. Set goals for your self, not large ones to start with but one that you can obtain, (example don’t set a goal to climb to the top of the mountain at first, because you will fail, but if you had set the goal to just climb 25 feet for the first goal) you can bet you will achieve it and feel great raising your self-esteem level.

Next time to set the goal a little higher, you are what you eat and words are powerful food to our minds. Focus on a positive self talk and feed you mind with words of encouragement. Keep a picture in your mind the person you want to be and over time you will find not only have you recovered your self-esteem, you have become a powerful personality, out going and very happy.

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