PAS Risk Factors

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

There are different risk factors associated with PAS, each parent and child is different, but anytime a parent and child are subjected to alienation there are problems that occur.

Your relationship with your children after your divorce is just as important as your relationship was with the children during your marriage. Nothing has changed between you and them; the only difference is that you are no longer married to the other parent. The children are or should be a very important part of your life and you should be a very important part of their world. But, we all do not live in a perfect world where divorced couples allow the other parent to spend as much with the children as they do, especially if they were granted sole custody of the children. Parental Alienation Syndrome is a real problem that can damage the relationship you once had with your children.

Risk factors from PAS include:

* More anger between the parents

* Fighting and arguing about visitation

* Secrets between the parent and the child

* Emotional abuse

* One parent threatening to abduct the children

* Alcohol or drug abuse for the parent that is being alienated

* Children not wishing to see the other parent

* Hatred of the other parent

* Alienation from other family members

* Changing names of the children, new identities for the custodial parent and the children

* Verbal and physical abuse from the children to the alienated parent

To understand how this works: the parents can begin to control the children in a type of brainwashing style think about this. When you and your spouse were together and were rearing your children you repeated some of the same safety measure over and over again until your children understood, such as look both ways before you cross the street. It took several times, but they began to do what you asked. They received praise, love, and affection for doing what you both thought was best. Well, now it is one parent versus the other parent. Your children do not want to choose, but when they hear the same instructions over and over again, they will begin to believe them even if this is true. This can cause some mental problems for the children. They may believe you do not love them, do not want them in your life, or a host of other trumped up ideas that have been hammered into their head.

The biggest risk factor with PAS is the end of your happy relationship with your children.

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