Parental Abduction of Children

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

When one parent takes off with the children, it is one of the most horrible events that can occur. Parental abduction is psychological warfare and a brutal way of “getting back” at the other parent. Child abduction is both traumatizing for the parents but it can also cause damage in the children. For years ahead the child can suffer from mental disorders. It is considered child abuse. But there is hope within the law.

Parental abduction has been on the rise since the mid 1970’s. It occurs mostly during a divorce. The abductor may tell the children the other parent is dead or longer loves them. They may give them a new name and tell them to forget about their previous lives. Children can also be subjected to other forms of abuse such as sexual abuse, emotional abuse and physical abuse. The parent may deny them the care they need. The children are trained to distrust authorities and trained to hide their identities. The children can suffer from lies about the other parent and are forced to believe that the other parent did not love them. All of this has a terrible effect on the children. They suffer the worst kinds of pain. Children need their families and loving environments to grow properly. These children do not receive this sort of life but instead one with the belief that all relationships are doomed to a short time. They can suffer from depression and social anxieties.

The Law can help prevent child abductions from happening. If you believe your spouse can carry out the abduction of your children you should contact the proper authorities’ as soon as you can. If your spouse has threatened to take your children or has before you should call the authorities. If your spouse has taken your children, call the police immediately. Give them pictures of you children and tell them everything you know. If you have any idea of where you spouse may have taken your children tell them. Many times an amber alert can be put out where the abduction will be broadcast on televisions and on many websites. All of the information that you provide can help the police in finding your children and the chances of your children coming home are much better.

When your children are found, your spouse will be arrested and charged with kidnapping. You should take your children to counseling and work with a lot of psychologists. They can assure you children’s future mental and emotional health.

Remain calm during this time and surround yourself with close family and friends. Be strong for you children and be honest with the police. If you could think of anything that could help them find your children tell them!

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