Ohio Paternity

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Sometimes the matters of birth gets complicated and people need advise on what kind of legal actions they can take for certain situations.  These should always be sought out from a lawyer or a court official who can give you detailed information regarding your question.  If you trying to establish paternity in the state of Ohio, you may find the easiest and quickest way is with a paternity test. The test is very accurate and is often given by a court if the paternity hearing is sought.

If you know that you are the father or have little doubt you can sign the Paternity Acknowledgment to put your name on the birth certificate as the father if no father is listed.  It also allows you to go to court easier and file the papers to acknowledge you are the father and if you are not living with the mother you can setup visitation rights and child support.  The last name of child will always be the father’s last name also, so if you are acknowledging that you are the father then the child will take your last name, unless the mother goes to court for a name change. 

If you run into the situation of another man being on the birth certificate that is not the true father then you have to go to court to file the motion for that to be changed.  The real father can’t just sign the paternity acknowledgment to change it; the court will rule on the case and decide what should be done.  Usually if a paternity test shows a different father you can have them change the birth certificate, the child’s name will also change if this criteria is met.  If you are married and believe you are not the father after the fact then you will have to go to the court to have it sorted out.  A married woman’s husband is always assumed to be the father unless it is challenged.  You will then take a paternity test to prove or disprove the fact, but if you haven’t been married for 300 days though you will have to sign the paternity acknowledgement sheet for paternity rights to the child.

The paternity acknowledgement will give you the parental rights that you deserve as the biological father. You will be responsible for child support and can petition the court for visitation rights and even custody if you believe that your home would be more suitable for the child. But, do not file for custody if you are only doing it out of spite.

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