North Carolina Paternity

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Paternity testing is a sample of blood or a sample of saliva taken from the alleged father, mother and child to find whether or whether not he is the father. Methods that can be used are a sample taken from the mouth by using a swab for DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) or just taking a sample of blood which carries genetic history through DNA.

Paternity is used to give a child proper identifications. It is also used to see the health of both mother and father to give the child proper medical treatment. Paternity can be used for veterans’ benefits, social security, inheritance and health insurance. Every state has different laws for paternity testing.

For the state of North Carolina, both parents can file for paternity testing, even the child when he or she has reached the age of maturity. All would have to file a court proceeding to get a paternity test. Paternity testing can also be ordered by the courts themselves if they have probable cause.  When the child is born an unwed father can sign a paternity acknowledgement to say that he is the father of the child, whether he is or not.  This is just for child support purposes only and grants the mother of child custody.  To file for paternity for a child out of wedlock you must fill out several documents with a court or sign the paternity acknowledgment.  This will give you right to file for visitation rights.  If you are married then the father is presumed to be the husband.  Some states are amending this since it’s becoming more common that the husband isn’t the father of the child.

The best thing to do if you are an unmarried couple is to have the father go to the courthouse to fill out the documents there, that way you have more rights when it comes to establishing visitation rights and custody.  If the alleged father refuses to sign any documents stating that he is the father they can be taken to court for a ruling.  If there is any doubt a paternity test is given to make sure.  This helps protect the mother and the alleged father.  Some times a woman will give birth to another person’s baby and say it’s their husbands or boyfriends since they may deem them more fit to be a father, either for monetary purposes or just instincts.

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