How to Work With Your Divorce Attorney

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Most all people hire an Attorney to handle their divorce, and soon after they become up set with the things Attorneys request from them like certain documents and advising them not to do certain things as well. For most people when they first retain an attorney they put up the request retainer the Attorney ask for thinking well this is not to bad to get this divorce finished . Then the upset sets in because it seems like the money you paid did not get you very far as you start getting new bills for more money from them. Its hard enough just dealing with the divorce and your x trying to get all they can and now you may even fell like your own Attorney is trying to milk you for all they can get as well.

So what happen? Well a lot of people just simply don’t listen or understand how Attorneys charge and that a retainer is just the initial fee to get them to work on your case. When you know how to work with your divorce Attorney it can actually save you a lot of  money by not using wasted billing hours of there time for things you could have ready and prepared for them in advance. Avoid calling your Attorney all the time on the phone with endless Question  because you are being charged and in fact most every Attorney charges the precise amount of time spent and others  bill in fifteen or twenty minute increments.  So get organized and get a list together of questions you need to ask and address all of them in a direct way in one meeting rather it’s on the phone or in person as time is money.

Remember Attorneys will charge you for postage, faxes, photocopies, witness fees, long-distance telephone calls, detective fees, supplies, travel expenses, courier fees, research, or anything that pertains to your case. So if you understand how the charge and operate this should make it easier for you to work with them and save you money.  One way you can best work with your Attorney is be prepared. Go ahead and gather the following documents together and provide copies to your attorney on the day you retain their services. Proof of your current income, Proof of spouse’s current income, Bank statements, Mortgages and Property tax statements, Certificates of deposit, Personal and Business tax returns, Credit Card bills, Stocks and bonds certificates, any other types of documentation  that may pertain to you and your spouse. When you know how to work with your divorce Attorney it can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary charges.

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