How to Save Legal Fees on Your Divorce

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

A divorce can be very expensive and if you do not pay attention to how much time, you rack up talking with them. The cheapest way to save legal fees on your divorce is through a divorce kit, but both you can your spouse must agree with every aspect of the divorce, how everything will be divided, and the custody of the children, child support and visitation. Then you can fill out the papers and file them with the court yourself. This is best way to save a bundle of money. You will only have to pay for the divorce kit and filing fees. There will be no attorney fees for either one of you to pay. However, most of the time a divorce kit will not work for couples that have conflicts they cannot resolve, so here are some tips when you have to retain an attorney.

* Talk with friends and family members that may know some attorneys and what their fees are. Learn if they returned calls promptly and if they were focused on their case and organized. An unorganized attorney can cost you all kinds of money, when they are working on your case; they are racking up a bill. If they need any papers, information, etc…, offer to get this for them. They will charge you an hourly rate while they are retrieving this stuff and probably for the cost of the gas and maybe even mileage.

* When you talk with the attorney ask them what they charge and how. Some attorney charge by the hour while others charge for every 15 minutes they spend on your case. You can even give him an idea of what you envision paying and see if he would be willing to work within your budget.

* When you talk with your attorney, do not get sidetracked. Do not chat about anything besides the divorce or things pertaining to the divorce. You are paying for his time, whether you wish to talk about your golf games or the weather. Try to keep the attorneys mind on your case as well, instead of how great the weekend was.

* Do not ask for extra papers or copies. Make your own copies and remember to write down anything when you are talking with him. Forgotten items can run up your bill because you have to call and ask more questions.

Anyway, you can think of to help your attorney and not chitchat about everything under the sun can save you hundreds of dollars in the end.

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