How to Help Children Cope with Moving to a New Home

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Moving for anyone is a stressful time no matter the reason for the move. Moving causes sadness and the feeling of loss. The loss of familiar places, things, and friends is a large part of moving that can bring on many other emotions. The unknown can also bring on many other emotions in both children and adults, not knowing what the new place will be like, will they be able to make new friends, and even wondering about their own belongings. When you compile these emotions along with the feelings that children have over the divorce of their parents you can have a time bomb just waiting to explode.

Children react to moving different according to their ages and their personalities, and children of divorced parents are not just moving to a new location with their parents, they are leaving one parent behind. This can be very traumatic and you will need to help your child during this time express his feelings, allow him to help with the move, and help him make the move an adventure instead of the end of all that he knows and loves.

Giving your children your time and attention is one of the most important things you should do when you are in the process of moving. Take time to play and interact with your child and keep as close to your normal routine that you can. If they have any special teddy bear or toy do not pack that item and be sure they know exactly where the item is.

If they are old enough to help with the moving process allow them to help you pack their belongings, this way they will know what box each of their items are in. It would also be a good idea to allow them to make their own markings on each box, this way they will know that their items are coming and will be able to find them easily.

No matter, the age of the child, many school age children are involved in various activities outside of school and they do no want to leave their friends. You can help with this as well. Go to the new place you are moving, walk around the neighborhood, check out the school and learn about other clubs in the other area they may want to join. Find out about club scouts, girl scouts, what the clubs and activities the school may offer and any other hobbies that your child has been enjoying.

The main thing to remember is to let your child understand that you are also having some of the same feelings, help them to understand that this will be a new adventure for all of you.

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