How to Cope When Your Spouse Goes Ballistic

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

You have decided to let your spouse know that you want a divorce, but you do not know how they will react to the news. Many spouses really do go ballistic and you need to know how to cope when your spouse goes ballistic.

First, calmly tell your spouse that you want a divorce and then be quiet. Let them talk, yell, rant, rave, and you just sit quietly back and listen. If they just keep screaming and yelling, you can very quietly get up and leave the room. You should have some clothing packed for you and the children and be ready to leave if your spouse has any type of violent tendencies. Whether you know it or not you are dropping a bomb on their lap, even if they have known for a long while the marriage is over. Taking action on your complaints is much different from just bickering.

If you do believe, you need to leave and take some time after telling them you desire a divorce, do not just get up and walk out. Calmly tell your spouse that you both need some time for this to sink in and that you will be back to discuss this further. However, if you do leave, you may not be able to get back in according to just how ballistic they get. They may change the locks and have all of your belongings strewn all over the yard. If you had any idea, they might react in this fashion, and then you should have a plan to remove your personal belongings before you drop the bomb.

Be prepared for anything that you might think they will do, coping with your spouse when they go ballistic is anticipating what they will do. You may be wondering what other things might happen when your spouse goes ballistic. Well, there are many, they may hire a private investigator, watch your home, go through your trash, talk to your friends, spread untrue ugly rumors, contact your family with threats and many more ugly things. The best way to counter these attacks is to not throw away any type of incriminating evidence, prepare your family and friends, get a restraining order, change the locks on the doors if you are still in the home, and by all means, if your spouse is calling you at work and harassing you, let your employer know immediately. This behavior could jeopardize your job.

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