How to Communicate with Your Divorce Attorney

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

After you found an attorney, you should know how to communicate with your divorce attorney so he can learn everything he needs to know to represent you in court properly. If you leave out things that you really don’t want brought up in court, your soon to be ex-spouse and his attorney will be certain to mention those. When this happens, your attorney does not have the information he needs for the counter-attack. So, above everything else, be honest! If you have secrets or any skeletons in your closet tell your attorney upfront, so he can handle these little secrets when they are used against in court.

When you communicate with your divorce attorney, he will ask you all kinds of questions, be honest and answer right away. If you try to get around the answers, you are just running up your bill. Be precise and exact. These he will need to know include:

Why do you desire a divorce? Is a divorce really, what you want, or are you just playing minding games with your spouse to get them to open their eyes. What are your reasons for wanting a divorce? Be sure you tell him every reason.

He will also need all the names of the people in your immediate family, you, your spouse, and the children including home and work addresses, telephone numbers, ages, where each member of the household was born, social security numbers, and physical and mental health of each member of the family.

Facts pertaining to the marriage: The date of the marriage, the state in which you were married, were any prenuptial agreements signed, any previous marriages and the details of any divorces.

He also must know what he is going to be up against when it comes to custody of the children and if you both are willing to allow contact with the children.

Information regarding both of your finances before the marriage, any assets you brought into the marriage and any debts you had before the marriage. What are both of your incomes today and what are the expenses and are these debts joint or individual. Names and addresses of both of your employers, information on bank accounts, investments, insurance, and pension plans. What tangible property do you both own such as a house, car, rental property, etc…? Was this bought prior to the marriage? What is the household budget such as how much is spent on housing, clothing, food, gifts, vacations, etc… If you have children, who is the primary care taker and are there any costs due to childcare.

That is just a few of the items your attorney will need to understand how best to represent you. You should be able to explain to your attorney what your goals are regarding the divorce and what you seek. You should know before you go to court how you want the property divided, who you wish to have custody, visitation and anything else that is important to you should be communicated to your attorney.

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