How to Be a Successful Single Parent

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

No matter why you have found yourself to be a single parent, whether it was from divorce or from a death of a spouse, you can be successful. It may be trying and very hard at times, because you now have to be both father and mother unless the other parent is around and takes an active part. But, this article is for the parents that have found themselves pretty much being the only parent with any responsibility to the rearing of the children.

The very first thing you must to in order to be successful is to have a commitment not only to your children but to the family as a whole. Putting the children and their needs above all else. I do not mean drop everything and run as soon as they call out our name. I am talking about putting things they need first and being there for them. Yes, you can work and still be there for them. Learn to work with your schedule between work and home time and be sure they receive enough attention. You can help your children by being supportive and understanding.

Communication is next. Open communication is the stronghold of any successful family whether it is single family home or not. Allowing your children to openly express their thoughts and feelings as long as it is not in an abusive manner is the backbone to building trust and support. This will allow each person to develop their own personality and have their own interest. Putting the law down and not allow children to speak out, in a manner that is respectful, can hinder their development and individual growth. But, you also do not want them or yourself running over one another either. There must be a happy medium.

The next thing to remember to be a successful single parent is stick to a routine. Try your best to eat at the same time every day, have bedtimes at a specific time, and even have a time scheduled for homework. If you can manage your household, your children will learn when they should be doing what and may even be eager to help. You can even give the smaller children some minor chores as dusting, the job may not be perfect, but they are learning to be a part of the family. This way each person in the family is contributing to the well being of the family.

The last thing to remember which may be one of the most important is to keep up with your traditions. If you have always gone to church, keep going. If you always served a special meal on a certain day of the week or during holidays, keep it up. Maintaining order and familiar schedules and procedures will of course help keep your family well tuned.

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