Helping Your Own Custody Case

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

When you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, you must stay with your children. This is important because your spouse can use the fact that you left against you in court by saying the children need constancy that has been in their lives since you left. 

You can help your custody battle by staying out of trouble. You will have to face many interviews by the court and people who work with the courts. Do not quit your job, find a new person to spend your life with, go out all the time, etc.

Be prepared! Get a good lawyer and make sure they know what they’re doing. Check their history to see how many custody battles they have been through and how many they have won.  The lawyer will help you make all the decisions you need to make.  All the subjects that will be covered in the court your lawyer will cover with you.  Your lawyer will listen to all that you want and try to make it happen for you. When the time comes, you will need to state in court what you want and why you want it.  If you cannot afford a lawyer, you can hire one just to talk with you about what will happen and what to do. That is a much cheaper way to go about it.

The court may decide to send a psychologist to your home and to your spouse’s home. When they arrive act normal, be yourself and go about your everyday activities. If they ask you questions, answer all questions honestly. If the children are at home and they wish to talk with them allow your children to talk openly and honestly. Do not interrupt and answer for your children. If you do, you may look like you might be hiding something.

When the time comes for court, be on time and dress appropriately. When the judge calls your case, be polite and address the judge by “your honor” Do not argue with anyone. Emotions are fine in the court room but do not go over the top. Try to be as prepared as you can when you go in. If you do not understand a question they ask you, don’t be afraid to say so. Make it clear what you want to see happen and why you want it to happen.  Be prepared.

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