Getting Ready for Your First Date Post-Divorce

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

First you should ask yourself a few things. Does the thought of your ex generate feelings of hatred, anger or grief? Do you no longer feel the need to talk about him/her to anyone who will listen? Seeking revenge on them no longer crosses your mind? Do days go by and you no longer think of them? If you are OK when it comes to all of that it is OK to move onto a new relationship.

On your first date you should try to get to know the person well. See what they’re all about and let them do the same with you. You should be very kept on your date and consider not drinking. You should also not bring up your past marriage and of course your ex-spouse, this can really bore the other person or have them believing that you are still in love with your ex. Dress appropriately for the date. It would be a good idea to keep the first date short and the next date little longer. If you find the person does not interest you at all, and then just break it off. Take your time in finding the one you want to spend your time with. It is OK to take all the time you want and need.

Also on your first date you should do something fun. Go see a movie or go on a walk. This will give you more of an enjoyable time to get to know each other before going on to dinner.

If you have children you should come out right away and say so. Hopefully, the one you are dating likes children. But if they don’t or act strange when you tell them, then this person is not your soul mate. You children should be your first priority. If they have children too you should ask if it would be alright for the children to play together. Maybe even when you go on your dates, have the same person watch them. This will give the children time to get to know one another as well. Also, include the children in some of your dates, like picnics, etc.

All in all, just be sure you are dating someone who you’d really like to get to know.  Be sure you are going on your date with good intensions and not just to see if you’re ready. You have to be sure you’re ready. Be polite on your date and be nice to the person. Try not to push the person too much and most of all have fun with them and make the best of it!

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