Florida Paternity

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Whether you are the mother wishing to prove the paternity of the father in order to get them to step up to their responsibility or you are the father wishing to prove the paternity of your child in order to receive legal rights to be a parent you will need to know what you must do in the state of Florida.

You can petition the court to order a scientific paternity test to determine the paternity of your minor child. You can find the form online and print it. You should remember to use black or blue ink only. Before you file the original form with the court clerk, you will need to have the form notarized by a notary public or deputy clerk. Now, you must mail or have the form hand delivered to the person that you are claiming is the father. You can talk with an attorney to ensure that you are following every procedure by the book. They will be able to better advise you of the steps. After you have filed the motion you will have to set a date for a hearing on this motion. When you have the date and time of your hearing you will have to file “Notice of Hearing (General),O” Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.923″. A copy of this will also be mailed or hand delivered to the other person in your case.

What makes you the legal father of the child? In the state of Florida the answers include:

* If the mother became pregnant while you were married to her
* If both you and the mother signed the birth certificate
* If both of you signed a paternity acknowledgement
* If a court order was established for paternity

If none of these describe your situation but in fact believe you are the father and you wish to prove paternity, you can sign a legal document establishing the paternity. If for any reason you or the mother disagrees on paternity you can ask for a genetic test to be done to prove paternity. There are companies throughout the United States that can perform the test and the results are accepted by all courts in the United States. The test is pretty simple and is usually very quick. All that needs done is a swab will be taken of the inside of the mouth. The test results will take around 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Then you will know if you are the true father of the child in question.

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