Divorce Dirty Tricks

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Honey I need a little space to find my self, I don’t want a divorce lets just separate for awhile. He or she is not really your daughter or son, let’s just agree on the amount I will pay you each month and save the cost of attorneys. Does this sound familiar? Yes we are talking about all the dirty trick that couples play when it comes to divorce. During a divorce the boxing gloves come off and you can almost be assured that at least one of the two will you some sort of dirty tricks and strategies to get the edge or the most out of their divorce if not both.

You need to be prepared because they will stop at nothing in some cases, using the kids as leverage, have there attorneys file all types of court orders to stall things up or make you out to look like the bad guy the list just goes on and on.  Now things get even dirtier when we sweeten up the pot and factor in the lawyers with there “This is war “attitudes of we most win at all cost. They will stop at nothing filing papers to the court to trying there best to intimidate you, and when child custody is involved look out because they will surly try to make you look like the unworthy parent all together.

If this situation happens to you then you are left with no choice but have your attorney counter file papers to combat these bogus allegations. If out of what seems like the blue your spouse when you lest expect it says “I want a divorce” when things seemed to be harmonious in your relationship then you can almost bet they have already planed ahead and have got some very dirty divorce tricks in store for you.  You better  set all those emotions aside and get a gripe quick because they probably has prepared ahead and have taken all the money out of any savings and checking accounts you held together. Check your balances on any credit cards as well to see if they just might be maxed out.

Many of the bread winners for a family will move out of the house leaving their spouse holding the bag for all the bills when they don’t even have a job because they stayed home which gives the bread winner the upper hand to force settlements out of financial stress in their favor. Many times spouses will secretly petition the court for full custody right after agreeing with you the day before to join custody just to catch you of guard and gain an upper hand.  Just to sum up get ready and be watchful if you find you’re self facing a divorce cause chances are you’re soon to be x has some special ones cooking for you.

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