Dealing with Divorce Stress

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

There are many difficult times in our life that produces stress, but divorce is the number one when it comes to difficult. When children are involved this can even be more stressful. You must try your best to carry on a normal life while caring for your children, the divorce proceedings, and even being around your soon ex to be even if it is just for the sake of your children.

Here are a few ways to help you cope with all you are going through and hopefully help you to keep a level head.

* Put your children first:  You may not wish to have anything to do with your ex-spouse, but your children still need their love, attention and affection. This is usually the hardest thing to remember and can put much undo stress on both parents, which really do not want anything to do with one another. You must never argue or talk bad about the other parent in front of the children. If you must let out these feelings, talk with a therapist or counselor, not the children.

* Think about your finances: In a calm and rational manner, discuss child support and alimony with your attorney or other parent if you can. Be reasonable; do not ask for more than you know they can give.

* Find an attorney that is a professional in divorce and child custody cases. If you can learn about the cases, he has been involved in and how he did on each case. Try to find cases that are similar to yours and then use that attorney if you believe they will be your best bet.

* Seek counseling for yourself and the children. Ask your ex-spouse to also consider counseling.

Dealing with divorce is always hard, no matter what the reason. You must learn that you were not the cause of the divorce. It takes both people to give up on the marriage. Learn to love yourself again, get involved in activities that you enjoy, join support groups, talk with your minister, and attend church functions. Do not sit around and brood. Life will go on after your divorce and you must prepare yourself for your new life. If you give up on life and have children involved, they will be missing you as a parent.  If you do not have children, then you are giving up on yourself as well.

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