Dealing With Christmas and Other Holidays Post-Divorce

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

All holidays after a divorce can be very very hard on children. Their once favorite times of the year celebrating with their family have now become a battling zone. Each parent desires the holidays to be spent with their children and other family members and do not want to share this time with their ex-spouse and their family. So, there are the children stuck right in the middle. Now, the holidays are becoming a time the children would rather wish to ignore that to have to choose between parents.

If this above situation sounds like your post divorce holidays then you must step back and think about what you are doing as parents to your children.

There are ways that you can deal with Christmas and other holidays after your divorce if both parents are willing to compromise. The children need both parents and their families to be able to enjoy any holiday. How did you spend your time before the divorce with regards to the different set of families? Was there a special day that Christmas was celebrated with the father’s family, one set up for the mother’s family and one at home with just the immediate family? If so, then you both already know the basics on compromising for the holidays.

If you both still live in the same city or town you can easily decide that Christmas Day, will be spent with one parent this year and the following day after Christmas to be spent with the other. Then you can also find a way for the children to be close to both sets of grandparents to share in this joyous time. The same goes for major holidays all year through. It may even be possible to split up the day. The children can spend one half of the day with one parent and the last half and over night with the other.

If you both live too far away to make these types of arraignments then it might be best to try to work it out where one year, one parent with have Thanksgiving and the other Christmas. However, according to the age of the children and school scheduling around the Christmas holidays, you may be able to be split this time as equally as possible.

The main idea is to compromise and allow the children to enjoy both sets of families during all the holidays. This will give them a stronger bond and the love that they need to be the best they can be.

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