Covenant Marriage

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

You may here the term covenant marriage and think it is some new fangled way of getting married, but to be honest covenant marriage has been around since before the birth of Christ. To explain just a bit before going into the legal covenant marriages let’s look at what a covenant really is. If you are a Christian then you understand exactly what a covenant is and just how important it is to stand in your covenant that you made with God. A covenant is similar to a pledge, but it is more than just a pledge it is a promise before God that you will keep your word.

A covenant marriage is what God intended from the beginning, a man and woman pledging their life and their love to one another with God at the center of their life and their marriage. Through time, man changed the laws and came up with such things as the no-fault divorce. This was in no way a part of God’s plan.

In today’s society, covenant marriages are becoming more popular and have been put into law in three states in the United States. These covenant marriages may not be exactly what God intended, but they are much closer to the bond of matrimony and to each other than the regular marriage that can be ended without much trouble at all.

A covenant marriage is really a return to the marriage law that was prior to the no-fault divorce. In a covenant marriage one spouse must prove that the other spouse is guilty of adultery or abuse or there is a total breakdown in the marriage which can be shown after a certain amount of marital separation. Other features of a covenant marriage include pre-martial counseling and even pre-separation counseling.

Louisiana began offering covenant marriages in 1997 and their law requires couple must complete a statement of intent, recite a declaration, and prove that they have gone through pre-marital counseling. In Arizona and Arkansas, the covenant marriage so requires that the couple sign a declaration stating they regard their marriage as a lifelong relationship among other commitments to one another.

With a covenant marriage, divorce is very hard to achieve unless you can prove that your spouse has committed adultery or has been imprisoned for a felony or “other infamous crime,” or committed sexual or physical abuse on either their spouse or child. Most of the time there will be a period of separation when a couple wants to get a divorce in which they will seek counseling, if they so seek a divorce on grounds other than those covered under the law for divorce in covenant marriages.

Covenant Marriages are a stronger bond in which the couple pledge their life and their love to one another with the understanding that their marriage is for life.

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