Common Divorce Threats

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

When it comes down to divorces many couples find themselves in what is known as psychological warfare. Each one of them believes they need the home, the kids, and a slew of other things that were accumulated during the marriage. You may be wondering if others getting a divorce also have these same problems and their soon to be ex-spouse threatens them as well. The answer is a simple yes. There are several common divorce threats that are heard during a divorce especially when the couple cannot agree and are still bickering.

These common divorce threats include:

* Do everything my way, or my attorney and I will make sure you do not get anything. This is not true. The court will decide what is fair, not the attorney or your soon to be ex-spouse.

* Why are you trying to take my money? This money is not just one person’s money; you may need the money to help with the children, or to help you until you can find a job. This type of question is usually asked because one person stayed at home and was not employed so the spouse believes all the money is theirs. However, again this is not the case. If the court believes you need the money you will receive was you are legally entitled to under the law. This will be your fair share of the money.

* I will never pay you child support; I will go to jail first. Well, today, there are many ways to get parents to pay their child support and they may go to jail. This tactic is used to show the parent with custody that the other parent would do anything to get out of paying, but if they really believe that jail may happen, they will pay. Courts can also order the child support to be garnished from the employment check.

* I will quit my job and not pay you child support. If you can get a witness for this statement use it in court. The court will not take it lightly and the one refusing to pay can find themselves in jail.

* You chose a lousy attorney why not use mine and we can save money? The spouse that makes this kind of statement is usually one that is controlling and is still trying to control you even during the divorce. You need your own attorney. You do not want your spouse and his attorney controlling the outcome of your divorce.

* I will make sure you never see the kids again. Well, if your spouse keeps the kids away, custody can be changed. Courts today do not take this type of action as being in the best interest of the children and have changed custody because of these types of parents.

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