Common Client Mistakes When Dealing with Divorce Lawyers

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Everyone makes mistakes when dealing with divorce lawyers. You may find yourself without even thinking, lying to your attorney, not giving him all the information he needs, or just being to humble and embarrassed concerning your personal life. When people are going through a divorce there are many emotions coursing through their veins and it can be hard to keep a level head and not make a few mistakes. However, there are some common client mistakes when dealing with divorce lawyers that you must not make. These include:

* Keeping Secrets – If you have skeletons in your closet be the first to say so. If you do not let your attorney know about any thing in your past that your soon to be ex-spouse knows about you, it will be mentioned in court by your spouses attorney. So, your secrets will be exposed anyway.

* Do Not Lie – Any questions your attorney asks, tell them the truth. If you have had an affair to be not be embarrassed, just answer truthfully. No matter what the circumstances may be.

* Do not run up your divorce bill, by using your attorney as a counselor. Attorney’s charge a lot more to cry on their shoulder than a therapist does.

* Forgetting about taxes – If you desire the home, remember there will be property taxes, insurance and other financial obligations that go along with the ownership of the home. If you desire the home because you are seeking custody of the children, find out more about the finances to keep this home running and talk to your lawyer about your concerns.

* Not speaking your mind – Your lawyer cannot read your mind and decide what you want in your divorce. You must be able to tell them exactly what you believe you deserve such as the house, the children, etc… and why you deserve them.

* Not listening to their advice – If they tell you to stay away from your spouse or do not visit the children at this time, listen. They are giving you this advice to help you in the end achieve your goals at the end of your divorce.

* Letting the attorney be in control – Yes, they know the law, but they do not know what happened during your marriage and what you deserve. An attorney works for you, they should not be in control of what happens to your life. You hired them to aid you in getting what you deserve from the marriage, not to tell you that you should forget it and go for a settlement that is less than what you deserve. What you get will be decided by the court, not the attorneys.

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