Choosing a Divorce Mediator

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Divorce mediation has been available for around the last 20 years, mainly it has not been very popular, but today more and more couples are using their services. What you need to consider if you are looking into a divorce mediator as and alternate to hiring a lawyer is that mediators hold no types of professional license or degrees. The truth is most anyone could act as you divorce mediator. So why is more and more people turning to their services? Well if you are thinking less money than lawyers you hit it right on the button.

Many divorce mediators that are around are mental health professional which have great interpersonal communication so they offer powerful solutions getting couples to work through emotional stumbling block that drag out  making settlements for their divorce. Even some of the best mediators are lawyers that have no only law degrees but also degrees in the mental health field as well. Now the best mediators now that they must remain totally neutral when helping couples work out their difference’s and arrive at a fair settlement for both parties.

They know the importance of helping couple make the best decisions about the future.

You need to know there are no established requirements at this time to be a mediator however there are several training programs around now that people who want to be the best mediators can attend. So when looking for a mediator, check and see if they just might hold a certificate for one of the available academy’s and if they do their service just might be right for you. The mediator should be able to acknowledge emotions, while helping the parties focus on decision making. Many states require a mediation of these issues before the parents can appear before a judge.

Most importantly is finding a divorce mediator whom both spouses feel good about. This is one of the most sensitive times in your lives; and both of you will be sharing private information about many things in your lives like finances, parenting skills, and even secrets and embarrassing issues with a stranger. Today most lawyers cost around $100 and $250 per hour, where as a mediator can save you thousands and thousands if you got that way.  More and more couples facing a divorce have realized that the bottom line is smooth settlement reach outside of court rooms can save them thousands upon thousands of dollars and can in fact be an easier path to take when they use a divorce mediator.

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