Character Traits of Alienated Children

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Children can learn to alienate either parent whether the parent has custody or whether the parent is only seen on weekends. Whichever parent wishes to control the situation can bring on alienation tendencies in their children, the parent that only sees the children for the weekend can do just as much damage with alienation as the parent that has custody, it all begins with just a few words or gestures such as “well, I would love to see you more, but your father/mother will only allow me one day a week.” All of these types of things can begin the alienation process. After a child has been successfully alienated you will see traits that would not normally be in a child that is in a healthy relationship with both parents.

These traits include:

* An undying hatred of the alienated parent.

* The children will copy the parent that is alienating the other parent.

* When the children speak about the other parent they will use foul language.

* The children will not wish to visit or spend any time with the alienated parent.

* Will show anger toward the alienated parent .

* Will give weak or unclear reasons why they dislike the other parent.

* The children’s beliefs are the same as the parent or alienator.

* Will state that what they think and feel is their own thoughts and the alienating parent has nothing what so ever to do with the way in which they think or feel.

* They do not show any guilt toward the hurting of the alienated parent.

* The children’s beliefs are delusional and most of the time irrational.

* Refuses to have anything to do with the alienated parents family, including grandparents that they once loved visiting.

* They have no middle of the road feelings for the alienated parent, nothing but pure hatred.

* Children show no regard to the court orders.

* The children’s memories are things they have been told by the alienating parent and they can not distinguish between their own memories and what they have been told.

* They will defend the parent that is alienating the other parent at all costs.

* Will not even want to speak to the alienated parent on the telephone, receive gifts or have anything at all to do with the parent or any of their family.

Children that have been successfully alienated seem to be normal, happy and healthy children until you mention anything pertaining to the parent, who has been alienated, then you will automatically see a complete change in demeanor and attitude.

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