Can I Terminate My Parental Rights?

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

When it comes to children, every parent has rights and obligations. They are responsible for the welfare and well being of that particular child. In some cases, parents do give up these rights. It is possible to do, but is almost always the last resort. Courts are not in favor of this act. Keeping families together is their priority. These rights must be signed over by both parents for adoption and the rights can also be taken away if a court sees you as an unfit parent.

The first step is to file a petition to the court. You will need to include your name, birth date, and residence. The same information should be provided for your child. Facts or reasons must be listed for wanting or needing to terminate your parental rights. A valid reason is not that you do not want to continue to pay child support. The court will want to ensure the child will have a responsible party to reside with and make sure all the needs of their life will be taken care of. You must provide proof of this. Without this information the court will not grant your request. When your rights are terminated this means all contact is lost with your child. You are not allowed to obtain any information about them. No contact through mail or by phone is allowed. You can keep a profile updated at your local DHS. This will give your child an opportunity to look you up in the future. Before giving up your rights completely, you can contact your local Department of Human Services. They can provide temporary living arrangements for your children with family. This will give you time to get back on our feet without making a decision you may regret later on.

Your rights may also be terminated against your will. The courts oversee this and will make the final decision. You have the right to a trial. This will give you a chance to plead your case. You can always agree with the court and show reasons why their idea of terminating your rights is best. A list of reasons why you do not wish to give up your rights is also an option for you. The reasons for involuntary termination can range from being in jail to child abuse. Abandonment and neglect are also on this list. If a temporary solution is made to help you correct the problems you have, such as drug abuse, and you fail to correct that, you are in violation. Your rights may be forever terminated. When it comes to your children, do your best. Do not be afraid to ask for help and do not give up. They are forever your responsibility.

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