Arizona Paternity

Posted by admin on April 27th, 2006

Paternity laws vary from state to state. Visitation and custody laws may also be different. The same objective for all states is true though. All babies have the right to know two parents and their two stories. Each child deserves to build and maintain a relationship with each parent and all of their relatives.

Paternity tests can be done until the child reaches 18 years of age in Arizona. In some case, maternity tests are done to prove biological motherhood. Forms are available on the day your child is born. A birth certificate may be signed at this time. The father must be present during this process. This certificate alone, in Arizona, does not complete the paternity process. To obtain these documents anytime after delivery, contact your local DHS. Through Arizona law, sworn statements must be provided to that office. Once these statements are filed, both names of the parents can be added to the birth certificate. A genetic test, usually a blood test, will be used to establish full paternity. The filed document for this test must be first agreed upon with the clerk at your local offices. Testing must be done accurately and then is taken to a clerk of the superior court. The clerk signs the document and it becomes official. A signature from the clerk is just as effective as a signature from the superior court judge.

The state of Arizona recognizes paternity in marriage. When a child is born to a married couple, the husband is presumed as the father. This is acknowledged even before a DNA test is required. If the mother was married 10 months before the child was born, the husband is also considered as the father. Voluntary paternity can be used for marriage if the husband agrees that another man is the father of the child. When a child is born to a single mother, the courts can become involved. Either parent can file a document to start a court case. This action can take place during pregnancy. Complaints can be filed to a clerk stating information, including names and social security of all parties involved. You must also include information of who is presumed as the father. The documents are then served to the other parent with a court date set and a chance for that parent to respond. Genetic testing is then ordered through the court determining paternity once and for all. Judges may also order for past child support to be paid. This can also include doctor’s bills and the cost of delivery incurred pre labor. Paternity tests in Arizona must be 95% positive for a court to take into consideration. After it is recognized, you will be on your way to helping your child live a full a happy life.

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