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Some EXACT quotes from the Gay Movement itself -- They ARE after our kids!!

In 1993, the Gay Rights community marched on Washington D.C. and made the following demands:

Amend all federal Civil Rights Acts, other legislation and government controls to prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and public services.

A presidential order prohibiting the military from excluding for reasons of their sexual orientation, persons who of their own volition desire entrance into the Armed Services; and from issuing less than fully-honorable discharges for homosexuality; and the upgrading to fully honorable all such discharges previously issued, with retroactive benefits.

A presidential order prohibiting discrimination in the federal civil service because of sexual orientation, in hiring and promoting; and prohibiting discrimination against homosexuals in security clearances.

Elimination of tax inequities [favoring traditional families].

Elimination of bars to the entry, immigration and naturalization of homosexual aliens.

Federal encouragement and support for sex education courses, prepared and taught by [homosexuals], presenting homosexuality as a valid, healthy preference and . . . a viable alternative to heterosexuality.

Federal funding of aid programs of [homosexual] organizations designed to alleviate the problems encountered by [homosexuals].

Repeal of all state laws prohibiting solicitation for private voluntary sexual liaisons; and laws prohibiting prostitution, both male and female.

[L]egislation prohibiting insurance companies and any other state-regulated enterprises from discriminating because of sexual orientation, in insurance and in bonding or any other prerequisite to employment or control of one's personal domain.

[L]egislation so that child custody, adoption, visitation rights, foster parenting, and the like shall not be denied because of sexual orientation or marital status.

Repeal of all laws prohibiting transvestism and cross dressing.

Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent. (Hint: They are coming for your children!)

Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; and the extension of legal benefits to all persons who cohabit regardless of sex or numbers.

Here's more:

Not one Boy Scout has ever been heterosexually molested by a scout leader! Gays make up only 3% of the U.S., yet they have assaulted half of the sexually molested children. One-third of these hurt kids are boys, and the vast majority of those are molested by men (Psychological Reports, 1986, vol. 58, pp. 327-337).

Gay activists admit that these boys are almost all molested by men. But they absurdly maintain that a man who penetrates a boy is not necessarily committing an act of homosexual molestation. (They should read a dictionary).

Finally, we are afraid of homosexual influences in the schools. They encourage kids to have homosexual sex. Of course they deny this, but they lie. Denver's Planned Parenthood Resource Center gives a brochure to high school girls titled I Think I Might be a Lesbian. The brochure states: "You may feel very scared at the thought of having sex with another woman. That's OK. Lots of us do, especially if it?s our first time." Again: They encourage kids to have homosexual sex.

Then Planned Parenthood gives step-by-step instructions to our girls. "We can give each other pleasure by holding, kissing, hugging, stroking, rubbing our bodies to together, inserting our fingers into each other?s vaginas, stimulating each other's genitals with our hands and our tongues." The pamphlet gets far more disgusting than this but I will spare you. They, though, do not spare our children. Planned Parenthood goes on to recommend to our nations daughters "Other wonderful things lesbians do together."

I don't want these morally bankrupt people getting near my children. As the Planned Parenthood News boldly stated, "Our goal is to be ready as educators to help young people obtain sex satisfaction before marriage."

Planned Parenthood is heavily influenced by its homosexual members, as is the National Education Association. In 1996, the NEA passed Resolution B-6 calling for promotion of homosexuality in all school "observances and curricula."

Perhaps hoping to answer the criticism that public schools hardly teach history anymore, now they are going to start teaching homosexual history. That should teach parents to stop complaining.

Defending the sexual molestation of children in the nation's leading gay magazine, Carl Maves wrote, "How many gay men, I wonder, would have missed out on a valuable, liberating experience, one that initiated them into their sexuality, if it weren't for so-called molestation?" (See the full article titled, "Getting Over It" in The Advocate, May 5, 1992, page 85.)

The slogan for NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, is "Sex by eight or it's too late," meaning not eight p.m., but eight years old. Time Magazine is always understanding of homosexual crime. They printed a puff image piece on Peter Melzer, the editor of NAMBLA's journal. In the article For the Love of Kids (Nov. 1, 93, page 51) the ACLU defended this pervert arguing that if we condemn "NAMBLA today, who is it tomorrow?" Melzer is also a New York City public school teacher (surprised?). He published an article In Praise of the Penises, on "how to make that special boy feel good." As to a police report on Melzer?s alleged sex with a Filipino boy, according to Time, there is no hard evidence that he abused this "or any other boy in the U.S." Yeah, right.

The homosexuals chanted during their 1993 march on Washington, "Ten percent is not enough! Recruit, recruit, recruit!" They want my children. They want your children.

Examine the record of those who defend homosexual adoption of children. Jim Joy, the executive director of Colorado?s ACLU, admitted during a PBS televised debate that the written national policy of the ACLU defends the right to distribute child pornography. As with many leading voices, the ACLU?s opposition of child abuse is hypocrisy. Every such video sold of a thirteen-year-old sexually exploits the child again. So the ACLU, known to tolerate child abuse, sells children out again by advocating their adoption by homosexuals.

Homosexual leaders blatantly voice tolerance for child sex abuse. A prominent gay magazine, Out, quoted Damien Martin, the head of New York's homosexual Harvey Milk High School, as saying, "No kid has ever been hurt by [oral sex]" in September, 1994 on page 73. The leading gay publication, The Advocate, in an article titled Getting Over It pondered on May 5, 1992 about how many boys "would have missed out on a valuable, liberating experience - one that initiated them into their sexuality - if it weren?t for so-called molestation?"

Time magazine also lacks zero tolerance for homosexual child abusers. They quoted the ACLU in defense of an aggressive advocate of pedophilia. NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association exists to promote homosexual sex with young boys. Leading gay-pride organizers in New York and San Francisco allowed NAMBLA to march undisguised in their parades repeatedly during the last two decades. A Time article grotesquely titled For the Love of Kids in November, 1993 quoted the ACLU defending a New York City teacher, Peter Melzer who edits the NAMBLA journal. Melzer published an article In Praise of the Penises, on "how to make that special boy feel good." As to the police report on Melzer's alleged sex with a Filipino boy, Time assured its readers, there is no hard evidence that he abused this "or any other boy in the U.S." In the U.S.

The media defends homosexuals who want to adopt children, but it also supports homosexuals who openly advocate sex with kids. The national media warmly eulogized Alan Ginsburg this past spring conveniently ignoring this homosexual poet?s public endorsement of NAMBLA. In Denver, a convicted pedophile, who says today he controls his longings, is running for Denver School Board with the support of many in the homosexual community. Long-time gay activist David Thorstad, founding member of the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights and former president of the New York Gay Activists Alliance loudly protested when in 1993 the March on Washington organizers broke with tradition and excluded pedophiles like NAMBLA. With all the attention, they feared the media would expose the homosexual acceptance of pedophilia. Talk about paranoia.

The nation's largest gay publicist, Alyson Publications of Boston, which distributes Daddy?s Roommate and other homosexual books for kids, published Paedophilia: The Radical Case, hundreds of pages of why and how seven year old boys should be brought to climax.

Another Alyson book, The Age Taboo on page 144 insists: "Boy-lovers... are not child molesters. The child abusers are... parents who force their staid morality onto the young people in their custody."

A Florida judge recently ruled unconstitutional their age-of-consent law, following northern European nations in lowering the age at which dirty old men can legally set their sights on boys. Liberal ideas have taken their expected course with lawyers arguing that since adolescents have the right over their own bodies regardless of what parents or legislators think, then they can elect sex whenever and with whomever they choose, with age discrimination ultimately unenforceable.

America's newspapers are their silent partners. Those who are soft on child sex, or even those boldly endorsing it, have nothing to fear from the mainstream media. Partly because of the media's silence, the Clinton administration voted to give ILGA, the International Lesbian and Gay Association consulting status at the United Nations even though NAMBLA was a full and active member of that organization, even appearing on its letterhead. Imagine, professed pedophiles advising on international child law. NAMBLA remained at the UN until the outcry of the religious right ousted them.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Thus the broadly overlapping groups, the homosexual community and the open pedophiles, are longtime allies. Both groups work to break down previously unquestioned sexual standards. The national Gay Rights Platform of 1972 called for the repeal of all age-of-consent laws. Gay activist Andy Humm bragged of his influence over the New York City Council in the New York Native, August, 1983 and wrote that, "No one should be denied basic civil rights because of his or her orientation, whether the person be homosexual, heterosexual, transsexual, transvestite, pedophile, sadist, masochist, asexual; whatever one can imagine."

We are not saying that gays will sexually molest a child. We are saying that homosexuals have long given aid and comfort to pedophiles, publicly. And we are saying that the media and other defenders of homosexuals are the silent partners of those who work toward the day when children are a sex commodity. The media rejects but intuitively fears the connection between child molestation and homosexuality. It therefore suppresses reports of the torrent of public advocacy for gay pedophilia. Instead, the media wears out the same worn cliché that homosexuals are no more likely to molest children than heterosexuals.

On homosexual initiation, sex researchers Masters and Johnson wrote in Human Sexual Inadequacy that "Recruitment usually was accomplished by an older male, frequently in his twenties, but occasionally men in their thirties were the initiators: the teenager was left with the concept that whether or not he continued as an active homosexual, he would always be homophile-oriented."

Homosexuals do reproduce sexually, by molesting children. According to a 1994 Out article titled "The Men From the Boys," the director of a home for runaway youth admits that between 14 and 16 years of age, he "probably had sex with well over a thousand people, most of them much older than myself." This boy hardly met a homosexual adult who would not have sex with him.

Of Canadians imprisoned for pedophilia, a 1991 report reveals that 91 percent of molesters of non-familial boys admitted to no lifetime sexual contact other than homosexual according to Volume 6, page 323 of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. In America, about one third of the children sexually molested are boys, and about ninety percent of them are hurt by men. The refereed scientific journal, Psychological Reports in 1986 presented research in Volume 58 starting on page 327 showing that homosexuals commit a far greater percentage of child sex crimes than demographics alone account for.

Every man molesting a boy is committing a homosexual act. Young boys do not excite straight men. To let a homosexual make the point in his own words, the San Francisco Sentinel published a letter on March 26, 1992 headlined, "No Place for Homo-Homophobia" with the common admission that, "The love between men and boys is at the foundation of homosexuality. For the gay community to imply that boy-love is not homosexual love is ridiculous." Activist pedophiles easily find media outlets.

Activists seeking special advantages for gays have recently admitted that "Certainly it is true that `homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual orientation' is not equivalent to racial minority status..." (testimony of gay activist Robin Miller, before the Colorado State Elections/ Licensing Committee, September 19, 1991, emphasis added). They also say they consider the argument that divergent sexual behavior or alleged desire doesn't equal ethnicity as "irrelevant" to discussion of the issue.

Writing in the March 22, 1994 issue of the gay publication The Advocate, gay business columnist Ed Mickens admits: "Today, it's rare that anyone gets fired just for being gay." As syndicated columnist Don Feder points out: "Mickens should know. He's the author of `The 100 Best Companies For Gay Men And Lesbians,' wherein are listed corporate giants with `gay-friendly policies,' including training programs that teach `sensitivity' on homosexual issues... A conscientious Christian or Jew is far more likely to feel uncomfortable in the politically correct workplace of the '90s than the average homosexual" ("Gay-rights lobby stakes hopes on House gambit," Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, June 28, 1994, p. B5).

Self-identified lesbian writer Donna Minkowitz comments on the "innateness" question in a recent Advocate article, entitled "Recruit, recruit, recruit!": "Remember that most of the line about homosex being one's nature, not a choice, was articulated as a response to brutal repression. `It's not our fault!' gay activists began to declaim a century ago, when queers first began to organize in Germany and England. `We didn't choose this, so don't punish us for it!' One hundred years later, it's time for us to abandon this defensive posture and walk upright on the earth. Maybe you didn't choose to be gay -- that's fine. But I did" (December 29, 1992).

When homosexual author James Spada, in The Spada Report, a survey of homosexual attitudes and behavior (New American Library, 1979), asked homosexual subjects "Have you ever had your rights denied you because you are gay?" -- 72.1% of his respondents answered "No" and an additional 10% gave no answer or said they "didn't know."

Gay militants Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen express clearly their contempt for an American public they are confident they can "convert" to acceptance and subsidy of the gay extremist agenda: "...By conversion we actually mean something more profoundly threatening to the American way of life. We mean conversion of the average American's emotions, mind and will, through a planned psychological attack. We mean `subverting' the mechanism of prejudice to our own ends -- using the very process that made America hate us to turn their hatred into warm regard -- whether they like it or not" (After the Ball, op. cit., pp. 153-154).

The State of Hawaii recently passed S.B. No. 1811, legislation giving protected class status to "sexual orientation." In answer to an inquiry regarding the bill's effects on church hiring, Attorney General Warren Price wrote: " . . . Non-sectarian employees of the church, church-sponsored activities or programs are not exempt. This would include secretaries, janitors, gardeners, teachers, etc." [emphasis added]

"Conservative Presbyterians failed to gain exemption from a gay rights provision in New Jersey's anti-discrimination laws [to which "sexual orientation" has recently been added]. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request from the state presbytery of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church for an injunction barring the state from enforcing [a] gay and lesbian civil rights provision against it. The OPC had argued that its First Amendment freedom would be violated if it were forced to hire or retain homosexual employees" (PCA Bulletin Supplement, April, 1993).

In fact, in Boulder, Colorado today, under a "gay rights" ordinance, apartment dwellers and dorm-residing college students are being told they are legally prohibited from asking if a prospective roommate is gay. Furthermore, if they've been lied to and want to change roommates, the financial burden is on them.

Wisconsin's former Governor Lee Sherman Dreyfus signed into law that State's bill granting protected class status to "sexual orientation." He was assured that the bill would have no effect on religious institutions like the 40-year-old Rawhide Boys' Ranch, a home for troubled boys. Shortly after Dreyfus left office, two male homosexuals appeared at the Ranch, demanding to be hired as boys' counselors. Dreyfus later wrote the bill's supporters, expressing his sense of betrayal at the homosexual community's breach of promise. Evidence has recently surfaced indicating that not only was the provocative action Dreyfus complained of deliberate, it was planned by the Wisconsin Governor's Council on Lesbian and Gay Issues. In minutes from an October 19, 1985, meeting of that Council, under the heading "RAWHIDE," we read: "Jim Thideman [one of eight members present] has asked some people to apply for a job [at Rawhide] and pursue filing a discrimination report with ERD upon refusal of employment, assuming it will be that clear cut. Kathleen Nichols [another Council member] reported that Char McLaughlan is acquainted with a lesbian with a son at Rawhide who has been refused family counseling sessions if accompanied by her lover. Follow-up is necessary to see if this woman would be willing to file a complaint." According to sources at Rawhide, heading off these conspiratorial plans cost in excess of $30,000. Relief only came through passage of additional legislation that exempted religious institutions like Rawhide. But Rawhide still has outstanding debts remaining from this episode. Under legislation granting special minority status to gays, we can expect a plethora of similar nuisance suits and test cases to clog our legal system and bleed defendants dry financially.

Homosexual activists frequently express deep hostility to traditional, Judeo- Christian moral beliefs and values. Writings by gay activists show contempt for and determination to do away with the institution of the nuclear family. Gay social agendas detailed in Teal's The Gay Militants, Jay and Young's Out of the Closets and Tobin and Wicker's The Gay Crusaders specify that:

"The family as we know it be abolished... That homosexuals be placed in positions of caregivers and permitted to become teachers, clergy, counselors, therapists and social workers. That they be allowed to participate in the rearing and education of children... That children be placed in communal care away from their parents, with boys and girls reared the same and cared for by adults who are under the direction of lesbian women... That children should be reared in a unisex role", etc. (as reported in Gay Is Not Good, pp. 104, 105, Frank M. duMas, Nashville, TN, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1979).

Gay activist Michael Swift echoed the frequent tone of such diatribes, writing: "[The family] is a spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy and violence -- and will be abolished. The family unit, which only dampens imagination and curbs free will, must be eliminated" (Gay Community News, Feb. 15, 1987)

Yet homosexual activists like Jeffrey Levi, formerly executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, have stated on numerous occasions their desire to see their lifestyle "affirmed" and "recognized in the law." Levi's statement to the National Press Club prior to gay extremists' 1987 "March on Washington" is highly revealing in this regard:

"The demands of the March on Washington reflect what [our] agenda will be in the years ahead. They include passage of the gay and lesbian civil rights bill, an executive order dealing with that branch's discriminatory policies -- from the military to security clearances; passage of similar measures at the state level as well as repeal of sodomy laws.

"But our agenda is becoming broader than that: we are no longer seeking just a right to privacy and a right to protection from wrong. We also have a right -- as heterosexual Americans have already -- to see government and society affirm our lives.

"Now that is a statement that may make our liberal friends queasy. But the truth is, until our relationships are recognized in the law -- through domestic partnership legislation or the definition of beneficiary, for example -- until we are provided with the same financial incentives in tax law and government programs to affirm our family relationships, then we will not have achieved equality in American society".

Self-styled "gaylegal" scholar William Eskridge reveals an even more comprehensive perspective -- that of replacing American society's currently operative norms to suit the "gay rights" agenda -- in a recent article in one of America's most presitigious legal journals, The Yale Law Review. No one can tag Eskridge's comments as representing the "lunatic fringe" of the "gay rights" movement:

"...Bisexual, gay, and lesbian activists ought to deny the centrality of heterosexuality, particularly as it has been developed around rituals and taboos of manhood in American society. As Adrienne Rich has suggested, bisexual, gay, and lesbian consciousness can undermine claims that compulsory heterosexuality is the universal norm for our society. Rich challenges Americans to rethink sexuality, not from the assumption that everyone must be heterosexual if at all possible, but from the assumption that people are polymorphously sexual, that there is a `lesbian in us.'

"If Rich's point is true (and I believe it is), then the bisexual, gay, and lesbian community should reject the image that we are a subculture on the margins of mainstream heterosexual culture, for this internalizes the traditional assumption that we are deviants from the norm. Instead, legally as well as culturally, the norm is up for grabs, and as a community we must contribute to the reformulation of the norm.

(The Yale Law Journal, "A Social Constructionist Critique of Posner's Sex and Reason: Steps Toward a Gaylegal Agenda," Volume 102, October 1992, Number 1, pp. 374-375)

In 1991, a California Superior Court ordered Shell Oil to pay $5.3 million for wrongful discharge of Jeffrey Collins, a homosexual manager. Collins was terminated when his superiors discovered a memo he wrote on an office computer advertising an off-the-job "safe sex" party for gay men. The Court ruled that Collins' memo was "political activity" protected under California Supreme Court precedent.

Julie Brienza, a former Supreme Court reporter for United Press International, was terminated in 1991 when her supervisors learned that Brienza used UPI's time, credentials and resources while writing a free- lance story for a gay newspaper. Brienza has filed a $12 million lawsuit alleging "sexual orientation discrimination."

Pertinent in this regard is retired General William Weise's analysis of a recent study of 102 cases during the period 1989-1992 of punitive discharges of gays under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. 85% of these discharges involved non- consenting victims. 63% of cases where both participants were military members involved senior military personnel victimizing subordinates. 49% involved homosexual molestation of children by military personnel. Only 12% involved off-base offenses (as reported in June 17, 1993 guest column, "Goldwater currying favor with gay-rights lobby," Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, pg. B-5, and "Army Investigation Release of Data on Gay Crime," The Washington Times, June 9, 1993).

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