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Woman allegedly runs down her husband in her car

For the third time in a year, a local woman allegedly used her her to run down her husband.

It's happened again. Another local woman is accused of using her car as a weapon. Police say she hit her husband with that car and right now, she's on the run.

All of this happened in Webster on NASA Road One near Texas early Sunday morning. It started with a fight and now the husband is recovering at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Clifton Dickerson was transported there in serious condition. Police say he suffered several broken bones in his legs, but should be OK.

His estranged wife, who is wanted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, is still on the loose and police believe she's driving the car that hit her husband.

Mike Eden remembers exactly what he heard around 2:30 Sunday morning.

"That car was going fast," he said. "I heard vroom. I heard him scream, and I was like uh oh, and I ran out here immediately."

According to Webster police, Clifton Leroy Dickerson and his girlfriend pulled up to a parking area of their apartment early Sunday morning. That's when his estranged wife of six months, Miacona Dickerson, pulled up next to him. The two reportedly had a verbal and somewhat physical confrontation and in it, Clifton Dickerson was stabbed. In fact, he was stabbed so hard, the knife blade broke off.

Police say the girlfriend went off to call police. Meanwhile, Miacona Dickerson reportedly got in her Ford Taurus and drove into her husband. Police say Miacona Dickerson then took off.

Right now, police are looking for her and her car - a white Ford Taurus with Texas license plate THR-05D.

You'll remember Clara Harris. She's the Friendswood dentist serving a 20 year sentence in prison for running over and killing her husband with the family car. She confronted her husband, David, in the lobby of a Nassau Bay Hotel. Then she got into her car and drove over him three times, killing him. She will serve a minimum of ten years and isn't eligible for parole until Valentine's day 2013.

And you may remember what happened in Hardin back in February. A woman started yelling at her husband inside a convenience store. When he tried to walk away from her, police say she hit him with her car. The man asked prosecutors not to pursue a case against his wife, but they filed assault charges anyway. She posted bond two days later.

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