Dads Against the Divorce Industry

DA*DI is devoted to reinstating the societal valuation of Marriage and the traditional, nuclear American Family, with particular emphasis on the essential role of FATHERS.

DA*DI offers contemporary reports and commentary on culture; its aberrations and its heroes.

Culture Commentary

SCOTUS: Desperately Seeking Nietzsche and Marx

G.I. Jessica: Shouting Down Lesser Heroes?

Dear Andy, a 3rd grade parable to 'just war'

The 'Boyfriend Bill': You'd think dads would support it

Fathers, Fortresses, Billboards and Boyfriends

Skunked: Restoring America's Belief in Fatherhood

What Father's Rights 'Movement'?

DFS: Disenfranchised Father Syndrome

Rosie The Riveter And Feminism

Who Is That Woman, And Why Is She Saying All Those Terrible Things About Me

Womyn Only Drinking Fountains: The Subornation of Jane Roe

The Fatherhood Movement: A Constituency In Search Of A Representative

Osama MEN Laden

The Little Sisterhood and The Big Lie

Resurgent Masculinity: The Tip Of The Iceberg

The Big Picture Is Painted In Small Strokes

Domestic Violence, Child Abuse & Murder: It Ain't Just A Guy Thing

"Daddy?", Autumn said

Waiting To Be Heroes

The Evolved Matriarchal American Family & Fatherhood

The Meanness Of Me-Ness: Fear & Trembling On The Daddy Track

1-in-4 Kids Fear Being Chased Home By A Homosexual More Than A Bully

Independent Women's Forum: Just A Facelift For NOW?

From M.L.K. To N.O.W. To NAMBLA; Devolution & The Abuse Of Power

'Inconvenient' Children? Conservative Rx: McMedicate

Regaining Perspective: Toward Reinstating Heroism

Narcissism Isn't Necessarily "Just Vanity."

Driven From the Garden of Narcissus

Bigger Than A Phone Booth

When Men Go To War: Un-Diagnosing Evil

Opposing Queerbonics: Homophobic or Homological?

The Gay Deconstruction of the Essential Father

'Shocked into Impotence'?

You Mess With One Of Us, You Mess With All Of Us

The Unspoken Epiphany of Fatherhood

What Has Happened To Dads Is A Sin!

Munchausen's Syndrome By Fiat

The Child Support Industry: Socialism With A Sexist Twist

Conscientious Objections to Our Men Fighting the "Good War" on Terror

Has Commitment Become Too Risky For Men?

Fatherhood Isn't For Sissies

Miz Gloria Steinem; Shut Up!

First, Remove The Fathers

Yep Son, The Bolshevik Is Us

The "New Moral Order" - Nihilism

The "New Moral Order" - Nihilism Pt 2

Janet Reno: Feminihilist Poster Girl

Cleaning Up After Radical Feminism: Manhood Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Vilifying Manhood: Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

DHHS: You're Too Stoopid To Raise The State's Kids

"Men Have Been Irresponsible & Women Have Been Heroic"

'Bully Feminism': To Empower Womyn - Criminalize Men & Boys

Fatherhood & The Culture: Homosexuals Lead The Way?

The Problem With Men: Will It Take Public Lynchings?


BUT! Did Kobe Use Protection?

When 'Personal Morality' Slams Into Societal Reality

Is Medicine Assisting Cultural Suicide?

Feminism vs Truth and Freedom

The Face of America: Ruthless Narcissism?

Tailhooked: 'Bring Me Men" No More

On Fatherhood, Family, And Civil Belligerence

Reverence: Annihilating the Nihilist?

Female Empowerment: A Lemming's Quest

The Parable Of The Sniper Who Would Be Called God

The Root Of All Evil? O'Reilly's Pantyhose Are Showing

The Tale of the Gypsy Princess in the Land of the Pantyhosers

Our Pantyhose Culture: Eulogizing Feminism Is Premature

Whither Manhood and Fatherhood; It's Time To Yell Fire In This Theater

What If Wives & Husbands Made Sustainable Marriage Their Life Goal?

Gentlemen, We Are All Descended From Soldiers

Alexis deTocqueville vs Antonio Gramsci: To Transmit Or To Transform; That Is The Question

Prescription For America: An Epidemic Of Alexithymia

Gentlemen and Heroes: Hung Out To Dry

Queer PC: Dads Are A.W.O.L.

The Child Threw A Ball: A Cultural Rorschach

Kids Don't Need No Stinking Father!

Defending America From Terrorism: N.U.G.s

A Culture Dissolving In A Bog Of Feminist Hysteria

Court Bastardizes Boy Over Child Support

'The Evolved Matriarchal American Family & Fatherhood'

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The Michael Jackson Case To Date

Index of Feminism vs Military: The Jessica Myth & The Air Force Academy Scandal That Never Was

Inside the Womb - What scientists have learned about those amazing first nine months and what it means for mothers

Pope John Paul II Speaks Out Against Abortion

Smiling from the Womb

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An Old's Wife Tale (review)

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